• Katrtlen

    Katrtlen's Minigame Ideas!

    December 1, 2016 by Katrtlen

    Warning: Some of these ideas are inspired/changed versions of other person ones.

    Gamemode: Sandbox

    There are two Teams:

    Cop ([Cop] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Landmine with build: 3/10/10/10

    Robber ([Rob] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Tri-Angle with build: 7/0/0/7/7/0/7/5


    Everyone are the Robbers, and There's one Cop. After Start, the point of Cops is to kill Robbers while they need to Survive. When a Robber is dead it's going to be a Cop. After killing all Robbers game ends and the last Robber is Winner.

    If someone saw a Robber or Cop with different Build, it's able to Kill it no matter what Team you are.

    Only 45lvl Tanks. If someone uses a lower Lvl, you're able to kill him also no matter what Team you are.

    Gamemode: Sandbox required

    It's a DiepKart mi…

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