Warning: Some of these ideas are inspired/changed versions of other person ones.

Cops & Robbers

Gamemode: Sandbox

There are two Teams:

Cop ([Cop] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Landmine with build: 3/10/10/10

Robber ([Rob] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Tri-Angle with build: 7/0/0/7/7/0/7/5


Everyone are the Robbers, and There's one Cop. After Start, the point of Cops is to kill Robbers while they need to Survive. When a Robber is dead it's going to be a Cop. After killing all Robbers game ends and the last Robber is Winner.

If someone saw a Robber or Cop with different Build, it's able to Kill it no matter what Team you are.

Only 45lvl Tanks. If someone uses a lower Lvl, you're able to kill him also no matter what Team you are.

DiepKart Deluxe! (Remixed version of DiepKart)

Gamemode: Sandbox required

It's a DiepKart minigame with some Changes:

There's Karts and 1 Flag Person.

Kart ([Kart] Tag Before Nick) - Can use 3 Tanks to Race: Tri-Angle, Booster or Fighter. All of them need to use that Build: 5/7/7/0/0/0/7/7.

Flag Person ([FP] Nick) - Use Predator Tank with Build: 7/7/7/7/0/0/5/0.

Flag Person sets a Start/Finish Line with it's Barrel. All of the Karts need to set it's position.

When everyone is ready, Flag Person starts the Signal:

1 Bullet > Stop Shooting - Ready...

2 Bullets > Stop Shooting - Steady...

3 Bullets > Stop Shooting - GO! (The Last Flag Person's Bullet need to exceed you to begin your start.)

Then The race Starts!


Karts can only be 45lvl. If not, cheating Tank is Disqualified.

If someone starts before the Last Flag Person's bullet exceed the Cheater, the whole race need to start over. The same if the Cheater hit the Bullet.

  • Rest of infomation: Winner, Laps etc. are discussed in Chat


Gamemode: Sandbox

There are 2/4 Teams and a Ball Player

Ball ([Ball] Nick) - Uses Destroyer Dominator.

Normal Player ([R]/[B]/[G]/[P] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Arena Closer with Build: 7/7/7/0/5/0/0/7


Ball need to set Position on the Middle of The Map. Then Rest of the Players need to make Teams:

(3-4 players = 2 teams | +5 players = 4 teams)

Red Team - ([R] Tag Before Nick) Left Edge

Blue Team - ([B] Tag Before Nick) Right Edge

Green Team - ([G] Tag Before Nick) Top Edge

Purple Team - ([P] Tag Before Nick) Bottom Edge

The Teams Need to Set they Position (Every Team Makes a Line)

When the Ball Shots. The Round Starts!

Arena Closers have Extremely High Bullet Knockback. If someone will Hit the Ball with Bullet, It will Bounce.

The Point of Any Team is to Punch Ball into it's own Edge.

When The ball cross any Edge, The round ends and the Team that Have a Ball pushed into it's own Edge, Score a Point. After it, everyone need to Set it's Positions. When the Ball will Shot Again, the next Round Starts!

Ball can only shot in Diagonal Directions.

Killing any Arena Closer will make a Round Restart.

If Teams are not balanced (For Example: 6 - 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Purple, Ball and And Player that can't join any Team), The Extra Player need to Be a Second Ball Named [FBall]. There can be infinite amount of FBalls. The Game Works the same - If any Ball or FBall Will hit Any Edge, the round ends). Only Ball (Not FBall) will Start a Round by Shooting. If there's a FBall, the Ball can't be in the Center because it will hit other FBall.

Deluxe Version of DiepBall!

Every Team Have also one GoalKeeper ([RG]/[BG]/[GG]/[PG] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Arena Closer With Build: 7/7/0/2/0/0/3/7

It can only move on it's own Edge. If the Ball will Kill it by Ramming, the Round Won't Restart. If it will Leave It's own Edge, The Round Will Restart.

Pentagon Defense

Gamemode: Sandbox

First, i wanted to say that this Minigame would sounds like the iStealth's minigame, Halloween.

There are 2 teams:

Defenders: Trapper - 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5 - Glass Tank / Mega Trapper - 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5 - Glass Tank

Slashers: Spike - 10/10/10/3


First, there need to be an Alpha Pentagon. After a one spawned. It will be the Defenders Base.

Defenders need to defend it against Slashers. Slashers need to destroy the Alpha Pentagon and also killing Defenders if they're blocking it.

-Slashers can kill Defenders but they don't need to do it.

-Selecting different class will allow every team to kill it.

-You can't change team.

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