Zeach's background

Web name: Zeach, Matheus28

Nationality :Brazillian

Games developed,,,flappymmo, :the game that disappeared's developer is matheus28 .his first .io game developed is was first released in December, 2014 on 4chan, but soon was what's left is just some videos and description.How to play: control a rocket on track, destroy enemy tanks while dodging comets and satellites. considering doesn't have a growing system, so technically it isn't a real .io game. was developed by matheus when he was 17. how to play:every player controls a cursorto play, and you can see other players' cursors.each player mustgo to a the green square, in order to advance to the next level.
Rey was first published on 4 chan at april ,2015. he rejected every donation because the ad income is enough to pay for the server fee.after that, grew weak in 4chan. later, matheus28 moved the base from 4chan for discussions. and the claim to fame of came from one time.

in one episode of "house of cards", a scene appeared showing that underwood is playing

although is already accompliced by miniclip, but wiewers commonly think this is not an advertisment. because the hidden meaning of this two is extremely similar. this is one of the cause that made instantly famous, benig the only game that constantly have 100,000 + players online.

his account on reddit is "zeach". he collects bug reports until now. at first was just a cell eat cell game at the begining.split is the basic of all skills,but matheus published this skill a day after the day of publshing, by the opinions of the moment, he haven't thought of how to make control of the multiple cells.

at the first few days of publishing, don't have a name. matheus28 gave a tempoary name after few hours called "cell".neat name, but it causes a problem .because "cell " is a common name, resulted in making searching for the game dificcult to search for.

on 28/4/2015, someone submitted the word: agar.

soon, matheus announced that the game's name transferred from an naked ip address to

The pause: after

almost after's sucess, he stopped using zeach as his account. and after the wildfire of io games started to spread, the updates of stopped at the moment for a long time. (but recently, the updates are slowly increasing.)

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