With the new Sandbox mode and the party link features inspiring people to think of mini - games to play, there needs to be a page that contains these and will not be deleted shortly after. Anyone can add their idea here that will be playable in the game itself, or even become a gamemode. Show your ideas in the comments so I add them.

Tournaments Edit

Well you get it.                                                                                         By Medvedko


4 to any number of people

Each one of them active

1 person who decides who plays with who, the counts down when the match will start, announces the winner.

Capture The Flag  Edit

There Will Be 2 Teams (Red And Blue)                                                                     By TwinTank

When The Server Starts,The Flag Will Be In The Middle Of The Map (Pentagon Nest)

When Someone Touches The Flag With Their Base,There Will Be Text At The Top Saying " "Nickname" Has Captured The Flag,The Flag Is Now On The Red/Blue Team"

When You Kill Someone With The Flag,You Will Have The Flag.

Also,If The Player Has Captured The Flag For Over 5 Minutes,The Arena Will Be Closed

Mini - Games by || Finale ||

Hide and Seek - One tank is a Smasher, while the rest are Stalkers. The Smasher is bindfolded for two minutes while the rest hide. Self explanatory. The Smasher kills the hiders, and they rejoin as Smashers to help the Seekers.

Destroy the Godmodder - There is one Level 45 tank of any build - the Godmodder. The rest are Lvl 10, the Defenders. The Ultimate goal of the Defenders is to Destroy the Godmodder before a set time limit is up. Cheats are allowed to level up to the set level.

Smashwars - What ._.

Okay, imagine Eggwars(From Minecraft), but with Smashers. The Smasher has completely maxed out HP & Body Damage, but no Regen or Movement speed. The Smasher needs to name themselves the Team Name, and all players on that team need a tag. The Ultimate aim is to destroy the opponent's Smasher. So long as your Smasher is still alive, you can respawn as much as you want. Cheats are allowed, only normal build tanks. The Smashers cannot move, and should be positioned in the corners. No Drone spawning tanks are allowed.

[Pacifist & Chat]Polyglot! - Teams of at least 2. Make up a word in simple sign language in to be relevant, don't have a tank madly spinning around in circles and the word is 'cake'), then each person is to guess what each signal means in chat, by one tank performing the action and the other tank responding.

[Semi Pacifist & Chat]Mafia - Yep. You can actually play THIS in Sandbox, if you have enough players, that is. If you don't know, Mafia is like Town of Salem(look it up, it's online). The rules are practically the same. All tanks are basic tanks, and there is one gamemaster who can see it all, and knows all the roles of people. The GM stands on neutral ground and does not take sides. Also, there is a night period where all players except the GM must switch to another tab, and cannot view what is going on. All players are spaced out randomly. Roles are handed through pms. This is more complex than the other Sandbox games, so here it goes:

- The Murderer is the sole Mafia tank. Every 'night' it goes around and kills one tank. It must return to where it started from at dawnbreak.

- The Spy is the only unblindfolded player. Each night, they may wander around at their own leisure, and can view everything that is going on. They must return to the same spot that they started on at dawnbreak. The Spy is immune to mafia attacks.

- The (Over)Seer can reveal the identity of one player each night. Same role as Sheriff in ToS. Roles of targets will be sent through pm.

- Normal Tanks have no ability, but they can vote on who to kill each morning.


((If you've never seen Mafia before it's the best to let me explain it more in detail in chat)) - || Finale ||

One tank madness

Everyone go 1 tank that appears on level 45 (Cheats allowed) and start.


The Jungle - All preadors

Doritos, sunchips, and mini doritos - Go any tank that has drones (Hybrid not included)

Madness - All go hybrid/anhilator

And much more :3

Ghost house

There are two teams. If you are team ghost, you need to type {GHOST} before your name. If team human, {HUMAN}. All players on team ghost need a tank that goes invisible. No build limitation. On team human, you can go any branch of trapper. No build limitation. Therebefore, team ghost is trying to kill team human and when someone does die, they write {GHOST} or {HUMAN} [his/her name] down. After that, they wait until the match is over (All ghosts die or all humans die)


Basically like FFA, but you must spectate the one who killed you until they get killed. May as well whisper grab some food.

Octo survival                                   by GameDude12

: One person is an octotank, and they can be any level and any build, and everyone else has to be a level 15 tank, and they can be whatever tank they want and any 14 point build they want, and whoever survives the longest gets to be octotank next round. no AC or dominator. no killing the octotank, if you do, you will not be octo for 5 rounds.

Juggernaut                                                     By CrimsonShadow37

- 2 to as many people.

- start somewhere on the side of the map and then start.

- battle for 1 minute and then real game will start.

- person that started at the top of the leaderboard is Juggernaut.

- Juggernaut CANNOT change classes.


- EVERYONE is trying to be juggernaut so work as a team to get it, person who gets it has to spin 5x or (if in chat party like skype) announce it.

Who plays it better?                                                       by CrimsonShadow37

- 2 to as many people

- start somewhere on the side of the map.

- EVERYONE must have the same tank but they can do what ever they want to the stats.

- vote on what tank you all want to be or just do a drawing out of the hat to see what tank you all are going to be.

- if you die DO NOT respawn wait untill the last tank is standing.

Mega Trapper Survival:                                      by Venom Phantom

1 person is a Mega Trapper the others lvl 15 boosters with speed and reload and the mega trapper has to kill as many boosters in a time limit of 1 minute

Mini games by Katrtlen

Cops & Robbers                                                 

There are two Teams:

Cop ([Cop] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Landmine with build: 3/10/10/10

Robber ([Rob] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Tri-Angle with build: 7/0/0/7/7/0/7/5


Everyone are the Robbers, and There's one Cop. After Start, the point of Cops is to kill Robbers while they need to Survive. When a Robber is dead it's going to be a Cop. After killing all Robbers game ends and the last Robber is Winner.

If someone saw a Robber or Cop with different Build, it's able to Kill it no matter what Team you are.

Only 45lvl Tanks. If someone uses a lower Lvl, you're able to kill him also no matter what Team you are.


There are 2/4 Teams and a Ball Player

Ball ([Ball] Nick) - Uses Destroyer Dominator.

Normal Player ([R]/[B]/[G]/[P] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Arena Closer with Build: 7/7/7/0/5/0/0/7


Ball need to set Position on the Middle of The Map. Then Rest of the Players need to make Teams:

(3-4 players = 2 teams | +5 players = 4 teams)

Red Team - ([R] Tag Before Nick) Left Edge

Blue Team - ([B] Tag Before Nick) Right Edge

Green Team - ([G] Tag Before Nick) Top Edge

Purple Team - ([P] Tag Before Nick) Bottom Edge

The Teams Need to Set they Position (Every Team Makes a Line)

When the Ball Shots. The Round Starts!

Arena Closers have Extremely High Bullet Knockback. If someone will Hit the Ball with Bullet, It will Bounce.

The Point of Any Team is to Punch Ball into it's own Edge.

When The ball cross any Edge, The round ends and the Team that Have a Ball pushed into it's own Edge, Score a Point. After it, everyone need to Set it's Positions. When the Ball will Shot Again, the next Round Starts!

Ball can only shot in Diagonal Directions.

Killing any Arena Closer will make a Round Restart.

If Teams are not balanced (For Example: 6 - 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Purple, Ball and And Player that can't join any Team), The Extra Player need to Be a Second Ball Named [FBall]. There can be infinite amount of FBalls. The Game Works the same - If any Ball or FBall Will hit Any Edge, the round ends). Only Ball (Not FBall) will Start a Round by Shooting. If there's a FBall, the Ball can't be in the Center because it will hit other FBall.

Deluxe Version of DiepBall!

Every Team Have also one GoalKeeper ([RG]/[BG]/[GG]/[PG] Tag Before Nick) - Uses Arena Closer With Build: 7/7/0/2/0/0/3/7

It can only move on it's own Edge. If the Ball will Kill it by Ramming, the Round Won't Restart. If it will Leave It's own Edge, The Round Will Restart.

DiepKart Deluxe! (Remixed version of DiepKart)

It's a DiepKart minigame with some Changes:

There's Karts and 1 Flag Person.

Kart ([Kart] Tag Before Nick) - Can use 3 Tanks to Race: Tri-Angle, Booster or Fighter. All of them need to use that Build: 5/7/7/0/0/0/7/7.

Flag Person ([Flag Person] Nick) - Use Predator Tank with Build: 7/7/7/7/0/0/5/0.

Flag Person sets a Start/Finish Line with it's Barrel. All of the Karts need to set it's position.

When everyone is ready, Flag Person starts the Signal:

1 Bullet > Stop Shooting - Ready...

2 Bullets > Stop Shooting - Steady...

3 Bullets > Stop Shooting - GO! (The Last Flag Person's Bullet need to exceed you to begin your start.)

Then The race Starts!


Karts can only be 45lvl. If not, cheating Tank is Disqualified.

If someone starts before the Last Flag Person's bullet exceed the Cheater, the whole race need to start over. The same if the Cheater hit the Bullet.

  • Rest of infomation: Winner, Laps etc. are discussed in Chat

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