Ok guys, so once Zathus becomes a bureacrat or whatever the name is which he TOTALLY will, liek there is no reason for him not to, we all meet up in in a game mode the day Zathus becomes bureacrat and all team up with each other, yes all of us! We will defeat all of the other people and try to go in the top 10 and if Zathus shows up we should try our best to make him the top one, not saying we have to though. If you guys want, because I do, we can also meet up in instead of and team in party mode because, to be honest, when was the last time you guys played now that is out? So do you guys want the party? Also when you comment and you want the party comment or and also say what time you should be available that day and I'll add it here.

Miss Lovey Dove- Monday through Thursday I'm free after 2 o clock P.M and on other days I'm free any time after 10 A.M.