The day started out as normal of course, but of course my mom called me and said to get ready to go to a picnic I had no idea we were going to and became sad, as i nthe last [icnic we came hom at like 9 pm. Anyway the picnic was boring so I asked my parents when we are leaving and they said 5 pm so I waited like 3 hours, but then at 5 was a race and I was last place of course and then we forgot to check the time. A whole hour later at 6 I asked and then when I heard it was 6 I said "come on lets go home we were suppose to go one hour ago" but noo lets just go on the beach and take dumb pictures of my momk sitting on a dumb rock now instead of the like 2 or 3 hours before! My parents now say they will wait until the picnic actaully ends which wasl iek 1 hour. Later on the way home my mom says "where do yo uwant to go" and then my dad which is the one driving the car says J.K bridge or something and the way didn't look familiar so I thought we were goign there now. Since I spent msot of my day at a boring picnic I was mad again and it took liek a whoel hour to see we were going to my cousins house first since they went with us to the picnic. So I went home saw it was already 8 and how I had to waste my day there and how little time I have now to actaulyl have fun. I probally am overreacting on this day a little, but still it was actaulyl my worst day because some other bad thigns happened but I kinda don't want to mention them.

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