I went to chat as normal and wanted to play sandbox so I play with the triplet. I defeated him liek 3 times and guess what happens next? He uses dom to get revenge on me just because he wasn't able to defets me as a normal tank. Then I get angry and tyr to defeat him but I can;t. Next is another server and I'm a stalektr and hasn't kileld anyone yet and guess what? A DOMINATOR CAME. It tried to kill me and there was a perso nnext to me and instead of tryign to help me defeat the dom it jsut kills me also. Thne I go crazy and use AC to kill everyone but for some reaso neverybody teams against me and kill me multiple tiems and not the orignal person cause idk I suck right? Now other people pm other people servers but 2 peope,l don't get pm so I pm them changed my name in and see how it goes and of course HTEY CHEAT AGAIN. I go crazy again. Finally soem cool person coems named Lemonbird or osmethign like that and he actaulyl doesdn't cheat when I defeat hi mmultiple times. Somebody posted a server and I told him to gothere and hope they don't cheat but of course they cheat! I keep my cool and go agai nand they cheat again. I go ac again and this happens on every isngle server I go on. Ugh if anybody wants to play with me ever not jsuti nsandbox it has to be Anson, Lemonbird, apentashot, gunenrteam,or some other people I'm missing.

Edit: I forgot to put this in, to tip it all of of course Akkaviv makes a thread on a wall sayign abotu how I support RCD then comepletely ignores me and puts thid thread on Zathus wall and says I support him cursing and say where and he just makes another reply saying that I got his back.

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