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  • I live in In the realm where physics break and time stopps
  • My occupation is Moderating the Dead
  • I am Attack helicopter
  • Mother Of Ships


    March 22, 2017 by Mother Of Ships

    I dont want to make this long. Long story short:

    I feel i dont belong here anymore, my edits has critically dropped, i feel differant. I love this wiki, but i need to take a break, i will check wiki every day, for responding etc, but i wont be really active. I think by next this-day (wendesday if im right)

    So, well bye :/

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  • Mother Of Ships

    Hello everyone.
    I will get straight to business: I'm leaving this wikia, and it will be for a long time, but I will return, and it will be beautiful and good (for me anyways), and bridges that have been burnt to smithereens will be built back up better than they ever were before. I will outline the reasons for my resignation in the thread and try to answer any questions or grievances that come along with this change.

    I apologize in advance for the longetivity of the post and my inabilty to properly use TL; DRs (and the subsequent absence of them). I will organize my points by answering pre-imagined questions.

    Is there something wrong, Aysha?

    Well yeah, actually, there is. Along with my resignation, I will be adressing various facts about myself that I…

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  • Mother Of Ships

    Some of you maybe noticed, that I made a new, cleaner version of Weapons and Ammo in Gameplay. The Changes I Did:

    • Made all images vector based, so scaling up and down won't be a problem
    • Renamed Auto Turrets to turret Because
      • There was a glitch when it was Auto Turrets, and it got fixed when I named it Turrets
      • No need for long names, everybody understand it i think
    • Added a necromancer Drone to Drone Section
    • As the wiki officially adopted the use of partisans, added partisans as a small, side-link
    • As the wiki officially adopted the use of minion as a nickname of Factory Drones, I renamed it Because
      • Keep it Simple, the pictures shows what is it
      • It would have made a 3rd row if i wouldnt do it, so it is noicer

    Leave your thoughts down below, hope you lik…

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  • Mother Of Ships
    1. Print it
    2. Burn it
    3. Throw it into hot magma
    4. Wait til its solid
    5. Go to outer space
    6. Explode it
    7. Collect the pieces
    8. Go to Pluto
    9. Nuke it
    10. Get the pieces back
    11. Nuke Pluto
    12. Collect the fragments of Pluto
    13. Throw it into the Sun
    14. Explode the Sun
    15. Put a black hole in the Sun's nebula
    16. Wait til it dies by Hawking radiation

    Wow, you destroyed it! GG

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  • Mother Of Ships


    This is the Unoffical Rules of the

    Chat & Wikia by Mos. The Official

    Rules of the Chat & Wikia was made

    By Sm That was based on

    the Original Rules of Chat & Wikia

    By Lenk

    There Rules May Only Apply when

    1) Only Mos is there

    2) Other staffs are afk

    3) If Multiple Moderators in chat &all ageed

    Any conflicting rules will be addressed as needed by an Arena Closer ALONG WITH the Head Dominator - nobody else may give OFFICIAL judgement/input towards a violation regarding/within a conflict of the rules.

    Only Arena Closers and the Head Dominator may edit chat rules on demand. Other users/staff may ONLY request an Arena Closer or the Head Dominator to look into changing a rule. In addition, ALL changes to the chat rules MUST be told/recorded to the Head…

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