TheBigShot1 New coin types (Dev edition :3 ) összes kinyitásaösszes bezárása

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14 hours ago I am not here to say 'Add these plz' or something. I want to hear your opinion about this, and do you like it

Ruby - gives 50 Only spawn is the corners, and very rarely in the center - Red Triangle

Sapphire - Gives 70 Only spawns in the edge of the maps, but not in the corners - A Dark Blue Square (Diamond one is Rhombus)

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13 hours ago Yeha I wanna to add them as well :)

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8 órájaOmg, you are the best, and i really talking to the person who made one of my fav game, and puts his ideas. Just Wow

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5 hours ago

) You are very welcome. The new coins/diamonds will be in tomorrows update.

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5 órájaOmg, you are the best i swear.

If you want a really early prototype of my new idea (becuase i have a ton) I send you a link Wait, i just advertised my idea to the dev, am i bad?

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