This is the Unoffical Rules of the

Chat & Wikia by Mos. The Official

Rules of the Chat & Wikia was made

By Sm That was based on

the Original Rules of Chat & Wikia

By Lenk

There Rules May Only Apply when

1) Only Mos is there

2) Other staffs are afk

3) If Multiple Moderators in chat &all ageed


Any conflicting rules will be addressed as needed by an Arena Closer ALONG WITH the Head Dominator - nobody else may give OFFICIAL judgement/input towards a violation regarding/within a conflict of the rules.


Only Arena Closers and the Head Dominator may edit chat rules on demand. Other users/staff may ONLY request an Arena Closer or the Head Dominator to look into changing a rule. In addition, ALL changes to the chat rules MUST be told/recorded to the Head Dominator, regardless of who made them. Be prepared to also explain why you made those changes.

Bans [in general]

Receiving three kicks total results in an instant ban, although certain severe infractions result in an instant ban. If you are banned from chat, you will also be given a Strike automatically.


If someone ASKS to be kicked/banned from chat (for some dumb reason), they will not receive any penalties for it.


The duration of a ban can vary (The minimum ban is 2 hours, the maximum is a permanent ban). Such durations are preset variables - Staff cannot create custom durations.

Most bans enstated are of the minimum duration, with the average ban ranging from two hours to a full week. Longer durations are almost always appealable and may possibly be shortened by an Arena Closer if such lengthy bans are brought to their attention.

Permanent Bans

Permanent bans are ONLY to be used if directed by an Arena Closer. If a staff member feels the need to use permanent force, you may only ban the trouble-maker/violator for a few days until an Arena Closer decides if a permanent ban is deemed acceptable, in which case it will be enstated in replacement to the temporary one.

Using a permanent ban outside of the listed exceptions will result in an AUTOMATIC Strike, unless unusual events require otherwise (proof/judgement, as well as records must be given, obviously).


Impersonation of any user can result in a instant AND permanent ban. This action does NOT require Arena Closer approval, as it goes against Wikia Staff's rules (see image below). However, judgement/records of impersonation MUST be given to an Arena Closer after the ban is inflicted, otherwise it may count as a Strike on the mod who banned the user.

Illegal alternate accounts are also subject to the same exceptions listed above. However, if an illegal alternate account receives the "Tolerated Alt" tag on their profile, the ban will be removed ASAP.

  1. You can pretend to be other people (PewDiePie, Obama) if its obvious, or its a joke.



Bypassing Bans

Bypassing a ban by using an alternate account will result in a permanent ban of the alternate account, as well as the ban on the original account being extended.

Breaking this multiple times will result in a permanent ban on the original account.





Trying to go through the process of creating a legal alternate account still violates this rule (assuming you have a ban on your main account, of course). Additionally, attempting to use a tolerated alternate to break the rules will result in that account becoming an Illegal Alternate, and it shall be banned permanently.


Spam will result in a kick.

  • Three or more rows of same text. Changing 1 or 2 character doesnt matter, if another person doing it as a 'joke', Its accaptable
  • More than 6 lines of text without other users posting between them.
    • Logging and Unlogging of people dont count
  • Posting Zalgo text in large amounts.
  • More than one row of imgs/gif by the same user.


It is allowed if it is part of a genuine conversation (jokes are considered "geniune conversation") .

Posting multiple images in a row is acceptable if part of a genuine conversation, however it must be accompanied by text along with it.

If everybody in the chat is fine with that.

    • Can be part in a game

See "Dead Chat Exceptions" for further exceptions to this rule.


Other users do not reset or interrupt the row-based rules in perspective towards ANY other user.

Posting text NEXT TO a third gif/image does not reset the image count by the user. In addition, VERTICALLY seperating the third gif row with a line of text that does not pertain to the conversation [very much] ALSO does not reset the image/gif count for the user.

                 SPAM                              ALLOWED
  • Overflowing
  • Its likely it wanted to be a spam
  • There is no Img Limit, if it dont owerflow, its fine
  • There is no Img Limit, if it dont owerflow, its fine
  • Only allowed if it is an accidental send
  • There is no Img Limit, if it dont owerflow, its fine

Being Civil vs. Dramatic

Keep it civil, and do us all a favor.

If you are causing a lot of drama that is bothering users, a staff member will decide the punishment for you.

Generally the punishment for causing drama is a kick, but if it is more extreme, a ban may be necessary.


Users who have a "heavy reputation" (as dictated by common sense) who disregard the rules may immediately receive a ban AFTER a violation, as their reputation has shown that kicks and previous bans apparently do not phase them in the slightest.


Usually only a 2 hour ban will be placed for extreme drama, as it usually gives the user(s) time to cool off, but heavier offenses are subject to heavier punishments.


Swearing and profanity in general is acceptable in chat. However, swearing AT people within the chat or on the Community is not acceptable. You will receive a kick for doing so.


  1. Swearing at public or political figures is deemed acceptable.
  2. Swearing at a user in a joking manner is acceptable (just make sure they know it’s a joke).




Being Annoying can be a punishable reason too

Links in Chat (+Porn Avatars, Gore, et cetera)

Porn is not acceptable in any way


Porn Avatars

Cropping porn into avatars is acceptable, as long as ALL of the parts that are actually porn are unviewable or censored.




Do not post spoilers in chat. Such actions will result in an instant kick.





Wikia’s Terms of Use (mainly as they pertain to Racial Slurs)

Do not break Wikia’s ToU by saying words that are against it, such as racial slurs.

Using a racial slur in general (NOT directed at someone) will result in a warning being given. A second warning will result in a kick.

Using a racial slur AT someone will instantly result in a kick - no warnings.

After your first kick, you will INSTANTLY receive a 2-hour ban for the second offense - no warning, no second chance, nothing.


Trying to bypass this rule will instantly result in a 2-hour ban.

Ex: Trying to use "Nigga" as a replacement for "Nigger" to bypass the technicality of the above rule will result in a 2-hour ban (use common sense).


Just to clear things up, "Nigga" is NOT the same as "Nigger". Please keep this in mind. "Nigga" has a different cultural connotation, while the other is an insulting racial slur.

Harassment/Releasing Personal Info (Doxxing)

Do not harass another user by asking for their personal information, repeatedly insulting them without reason, attacking or spamming them in private messages, or doing something to annoy them on purpose.

If someone is harassing you, please tell one of the staff on the Wiki, so they can deal with the problem.

The mod will decide the punishment, depending on how bad the harassment was. An Arena Closer may be called upon for further reprimand if the harassment is serious enough.


Teasing someone is not the same thing as harassing someone (use common sense).



Dead Chat Exceptions

Chat is dead from time to time, as everyone knows.

Whenever chat is basically dead:

  • Spam Rules no longer apply AT ALL (unless otherwise told by Staff).
  • Porn Rules MAY no longer apply (use discretion, preferably Private Messaging).
  • Gore Rules MAY no longer apply (use discretion).
  • Civil/Dramatic Rules MAY no longer apply. This refers more towards gossiping rather than actually picking a fight with someone.
  • Punishements in general may be less severe due to lack of an audience/purpose.

The Ones who accept the Hybrid Rules

Boss Tanks

  • Friendly (?)


  • MOS
  • Apenta


  • Captain
  • Jimmy
  • QUA
  • TOT


  • AFF

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