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  • I live in The World
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is The Ultimate Necromancer.
  • I am Tank
  • NecroTheTank

    This is a list of all underused templates that should be used more. They are very useful templates that are just not used as much as they should.

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  • NecroTheTank

    All Tank DPS

    March 2, 2017 by NecroTheTank

    This is not what it was planned to be...

    All Stats(for Tank) are in the table below:

    Level Max Health Body Damage Bullet Speed Bullet Damage Bullet Penetration Reload Movement Speed
    0 100% 3 HP 14 tiles/sec x1 x1 0.5 sec x1
    1 125% 4 HP 16 t/s x1.71 x1.57 10/21 x1.13
    2 150% 5 HP 18 t/s x2.42 x2.14 19/42 x1.27
    3 175% 6 HP 20 t/s x3.14 x2.71 6/14 x1.4
    4 200% 7 HP 22 t/s x3.86 x3.29 17/42 x1.53
    5 225% 8 HP 24 t/s x4.57 x3.86 8/21 x1.67
    6 250% 9 HP 26 t/s x5.29 x4.42 5/14 x1.8
    7 275% 10 HP 28 t/s x6 x5 1/3 x1.93 Read more >
  • NecroTheTank

    Upcoming Tournaments

    February 9, 2017 by NecroTheTank

    This is the list of upcoming tourneys!

    None yet!

    None yet!

    None yet!

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  • NecroTheTank

    This blog post is specifically to tell you how I got this banner for the Community Page. It was a photo, directly from It's probably not going to get used, due to low quality, but let's tell you the story.

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  • NecroTheTank

    Welcome to the Ultimate Diepedia! This Diepedia will contain ALL species of tanks, and all clans, all in one encyclo-i mean Diep-pedia! Okay, so let's get started!

    The Diepsystem is a very strange place, with seven moons, being Fa, Tooteem, Forteem, Dominus, Tagus, Mazuri, and Sandboxia. Let's start with the first moon, Fa.

    Fa, getting the nickname FFA due to a gamemode in many other games being Free For All, shortened to FFA in many games. Due to the recent nickname, the Diepian Tanks sent many, many shapes to Fa, in fact, they won't stop, and then they created the Robotic Tanks and took the server name, thus allowing Non-Diepians to play as the Robotic Tanks. They called their first gamemode FFA(duh). So yes, is actually a …

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