This is a list of all underused templates that should be used more. They are very useful templates that are just not used as much as they should.


This template is used to show stats like they are shown in You need to type in: {{Stat |health regen =number |max health=number |body damage=number |bullet speed=number |bullet penetration=number |bullet damage=number |reload=number |movement speed=number }} If you put in the stat combo 4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5 you get:

Health Regen
Max Health
Body Damage
Bullet Speed
Bullet Penetration
Bullet Damage
Movement Speed


This one is barely ever used. It's so simple, just put in {{Color|color code|text}}. If you put in {{Color|#ff7700|Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet.}} you get Lorem ipsum dolor, sit amet.

Coming soon!

More under used templates coming soon!

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