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Hi guys, it is well known that developing a tournament has its complications, as some users do not attend the agreed timetables making this a problem.

But we all know that the idea of a tournament is great and to achieve it we only need players who want and commit to play.

With just a little commitment and the right people we can achieve a good tournament.


Each game will last only 10 minutes. And the tournament will last only 3 days.

Clashes will be decided by who wins 2 of 3, which will move to the next round.

Since you only see 10 minutes of free time to participate in this tournament.

And it will be great fun to compete both wikis!

Only players who are committed to attending the matches will participate.

On the part of the spanish wiki the players that will attend shall commit themselves to be present in the established schedule for each game and do not miss any match.




Player 1 Player 2 Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant - -
Ursuul Underslime Ursuul -
ShinGojiraGamer Nobellion Nobellion null
Aaron99TR SuperRobot Aaron99TR null
Arcade Mr. C PerlaSweety Arcade Mr. C



Player 1 Player 2 Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant - -
Ursuul Nobellion Nobellion -
Aaron99TR Arcade Mr. C


Player 1 Player 2 Winner Videos
Contestant Contestant - -

Good Luck! - Nobellion, Aaron99TR

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