Custom Posting Fonts

To make your posts have a custom font, you need to make a template.

For this example, the template will be called "Times" which will host a Times New Roman font

This is the basic font template in which you fill with your fonts:

<font face="MAIN FONT, BACKUP, serif "><font size="SIZE">{{{1}}}</font></font>

Now we will customize this piece of code as per the Times New Roman font

<font face="Times New Roman, Lucida Bright, serif "><font size="4">{{{1}}}</font></font>

Lucida Bright and serif are backup fonts just in case the computer can't display the main font. This is so that the viewer can still read the text.

Save the template

Now, when we post, we need to post in source mode like this

{{Times|Times New Roman is so fancy!}}}

And voila! Now, the final message will look like this :

Times New Roman is so fancy!

Hope this helps,


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