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Welcome to the Tank Building Contest Hub!, visitor!


  • Banarama & Captain Hayden have decided that after a long time waiting, we are going to bring back one of the most popular events in the Diep Wiki Community, THE TANK BUILDING CONTEST!
  • We intend on not only including the Conception Wiki, but also the Spanish and Traditional Chinese Wikis!



We will have a maximum of 32 participants in each category, with a maximum of 2 tanks per contestant in each category. There will be four categories in total. Here's how it will be divided up:

Tank Class Details
Tier 3 tanks Balanced tanks that could be upgraded to but are not powerful enough to become a Tier 4.
Tier 4 tanks Practical tanks that are equal in strength to other Tier 4 tanks in-game.
Tier 5 tanks Strong tanks that can really pack a punch which could possibly create their own class.
Boss tanks Overpowered tanks that will never be an in-game, playable tank but can still show up in-game as a future Boss.


We've also devised a layout for convenience, outlined below:

Phase Status
Phase 0 (Submitting) April 7th 2017 – April 30th 2017 NOEDITSECTION
  • Tanks are submitted during this phase.
Phase 1 (Filtering) May 1st 2017 – May 3rd 2017 NOEDITSECTION
  • Tanks are narrowed down with polls until we have 4/3 left in each section.
Phase 2 (Grand Finale!) April 12th 2018 – April 14th 2018 NOEDITSECTION
  • In the end, the final contestants will duke it out in a 4(or 3)-contestant poll.
In Progress...





  • First, create your tanks on this website. [iblobtouch]
Create Your Tanks on this Website!

  1. After making your creation on the website, create a blog post and paste the code there.
  2. Then link your blog post to the submissions thread of your choice, with a name and description of the tank you have created.


  • Submit tanks April 7th to April 30th.


Vote Here!

Main Thread

Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Bosses


Tier 3 Submissions!

Name Creator Link Image
Pistol Kurofox zero Blog Post
Screenshot (156)
Mini Octotank HandsomeJSJ Blog Post
Screenshot (160)
Double-Drone Type: Sparky Blog Post
Screenshot (226)


Tier 4 Submissions!

Name Creator Link Image
Royal Chaingun Kurofox zero Blog Post
Screenshot (164)
Deceiver HandsomeJSJ Blog Post
Screenshot (161)
Quadra-Drone Type: Sparky Blog Post
Bomber Banarama Blog Post
Screenshot (182)
Celerinator Underslime Blog Post
Screenshot (185)
Sparkler Nobellion Blog Post
Screenshot (186)
Atomic Arcade Mr. C Blog Post NO CODE FOR TANK
Overbarrel Tungster24 Blog Post
Screenshot (227)
Spread Burst Skye Sim Blog Post
Screenshot (228)
Autoseer Skywatcher43 Blog Post
Screenshot (229)
Automaton Da Clorax Blog Post
Screenshot (239)


Tier 5 Submissions!

Name Creator Link Image
Pulverizer Kurofox zero Blog Post
Screenshot (169)
Triple Tank Skye Sim Blog Post
Screenshot (168)
X7 Vanguard Explorer Zombie jotuc Blog Post
Screenshot (165)
Hexa-Drone Type: Sparky Blog Post
Seaplane Nobellion Blog Post
Apollo Greatsniper Blog Post
Screenshot (241)
Commander EXPLODINGLLAMA Blog Post
Screenshot (194)
Jet Trapper Skye Sim Blog Post
Screenshot (245)


Boss Submissions!

Name Creator Link Image
The Panzer Captain Hayden Blog Post
Screenshot (171)
Turnip Temple Kurofox zero Blog Post
Screenshot (173)
Fluid Nobellion Blog Post
Screenshot (150)
SmeCroizer Underslime Blog Post
Screenshot (179)
Denyer HandsomeJSJ Blog Post
Powerhouse Smgamermat77 Blog Post
Screenshot (190)
Triangulord PlasmaVortex Blog Post
Screenshot (193)
Laser Shooter PkmnQ Blog Post
Screenshot (246)
Polygon Protector MutantEnders Blog Post
Screenshot (252)