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  • SuperRobot & Captain Hayden have decided that after a long time waiting, we are going to bring back one of the most popular events in the Diep Wiki Community, THE TANK BUILDING CONTEST!
  • We intend on not only including the Conception Wiki, but also the Spanish and Traditional Chinese Wikis!


We will have a maximum of 32 participants in each category, with a maximum of 2 tanks per contestant in each category. There will be four categories in total. Here's how it will be divided up:

Tank Class Details
Tier 3 tanks Balanced tanks that could be upgraded to but are not powerful enough to become a Tier 4.
Tier 4 tanks Practical tanks that are equal in strength to other Tier 4 tanks in-game.
Tier 5 tanks Strong tanks that can really pack a punch which could possibly create their own class.
Boss tanks Overpowered tanks that will never be an in-game, playable tank but can still show up in-game as a future Boss.


We've also devised a layout for convenience and excitement, outlined below:

Phase Status
Phase 0 (Submitting) April 7th – April 30th
  • Tanks are submitted during this phase.
Phase 1 (Polls) May 1st – May 3rd
  • Tanks are narrowed down with polls until we have 4 left in each section.
Phase 2 (Judging) May 4th – May 6th
  • After that, a judging phase occurs where the Most Realistic, Most Creative, and Most Technical rewards are chosen in each section.
In progress…
Phase 3 (Whittling down) May 4th – May 6th
  • Meanwhile, the Best Tank in each section is chosen using a short series of one-on-one voting polls.
In progress…
Phase 4 (Grand Finale!) May 7th – May 11th
  • In the end, the 4 Most Creative winners, 4 Most Technical winners, 4 Most Realistic winners, and 4 Best Overall each duke it out in a 4-contestant poll.
Not Started

Rewards: To be determined...


  • First, create your tanks on this website. [iblobtouch]
  1. After making your creation on the website, create a blog post and paste the code there.
  2. Then link your blog post to the submissions thread of your choice, with a name and description of the tank you have created.


  • Submit tanks April 7th to April 30th.

Tier 3

Name Creator Link Image
Pistol Kuro redfox [Blog Post]
Screenshot (156)
Mini Octotank HandsomeJSJ [Blog Post]
Screenshot (160)
Double-Drone Transforming Eevee [Blog Post]
Screenshot (226)

Tier 4

Name Creator Link Image
Royal Chaingun Kuro redfox [Blog Post]
Screenshot (164)
Deceiver HandsomeJSJ [Blog Post]
Screenshot (161)
Quadra-Drone Transforming Eevee [Blog Post]
Jet Thruster ItzDracius [Blog Post]
Jet Thruster
Bomber SuperRobot9338 [Blog Post]
Screenshot (182)
Celerinator Underslime [Blog Post]
Screenshot (185)
Sparkler Nobellion [Blog Post]
Screenshot (186)
Atomic Arcade Mr. C [Blog Post] NO CODE FOR TANK
Overbarrel Tungster24 [Blog Post]
Screenshot (227)
Spread Burst Skye Sim [Blog Post]
Screenshot (228)
Autoseer Skywatcher43 [Blog Post]
Screenshot (229)
Automaton Da Clorax [Blog Post]
Screenshot (239)

Tier 5

Name Creator Link Image
Pulverizer Kuro redfox [Blog Post]
Screenshot (169)
Triple Tank Skye Sim [Blog Post]
Screenshot (168)
X7 Vanguard Explorer Zombie jotuc [Blog Post]
Screenshot (165)
Hexa-Drone Transforming Eevee [Blog Post]
Seaplane Nobellion [Blog Post]
Apollo Greatsniper [Blog Post]
Screenshot (241)
Commander EXPLODINGLLAMA [Blog Post]
Screenshot (194)
Jet Trapper Skye Sim [Blog Post]
Screenshot (245)


Name Creator Link Image
The Panzer Captain Hayden [Blog Post]
Screenshot (171)
Turnip Temple Kuro redfox [Blog Post]
Screenshot (173)
Fluid Nobellion [Blog Post]
Screenshot (150)
SmeCroizer Underslime [Blog Post]
Screenshot (179)
Denyer HandsomeJSJ [Blog Post]
Powerhouse Smgamermat77 [Blog Post]
Screenshot (190)
Triangulord PlasmaVortex [Blog Post]
Screenshot (193)
Laser Shooter PkmnQ [Blog Post]
Screenshot (246)
Polygon Protector MutantEnders [Blog Post]
Screenshot (252)