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Automated Message Revamp

The automated message sent out to all new users is in need of a makeover. It’s a rather difficult task that will require technical skill to pull off to our liking, so what we are asking for is suggestions from users. What would you like to see in an automated message, that would actually make you want to read it? Feedback is appreciated, & to start you off, here are three examples of good automated messages:

Next Sandbox

The next Wiki Sandbox will be on Saturday May 6th, from 10 AM EST to 11 AM EST, after which there will be an hourlong gaming session. Last time we killed our team mates like jerks had more participants than usual, and then absolutely dominated a 2 Teams mode. If you’d like to come, then just show up at the right time and dig in! If you want a topic to be covered, then leave it on the Talk Page.

History of the Wiki Project

In preparation for the one-year anniversary of the Wiki, we are putting together an abridged history of the Wiki to celebrate how far we have come since ol’ Mewsh started it all. We’ve decided to divide the past year into five “Eras,” & that is what everyone is currently voting on here. The voting will end on Tuesday, after which the Era Pages (subpages of Project:About) will be named and unprotected for editing, with basic outlines. Then everyone is welcome to edit those pages and add their knowledge![1]

Tank Building Contest

Submissions are closed! Now is the time to vote on all the excellent submissions we’ve received; the voting will end on May 11th, 2017, & the winner will receive their Reward on the same day!

Tank Building Contest Hub

Wiki Policy News

New Forum Games Policy

It has been brought to our attention that the quality of the games taking place in the Off Topic Board have become so low that they resemble spam. Several users have stepped up to moderate them, but we are not yet certain what kinds of gamings should be allowed. So, we need two things from everyone:

Vote. The closure of forums gives us an opportunity to do things differently there, so please we need everyone to vote on whether Forum Games should be allowed in Discussions. There will be a comment from an Administrator asking for votes, so please reply “yes” or “no” to that comment.

Suggest. We don’t yet know what restrictions, if any, will be placed on forum games in the Off Topic Board. We want everyone to post, in separate comments, what they want these rules to be. The Administration will put together a ruleset from your comments and release it next week.

News Team Dissolution & Rules Open Question Results

Although not heavily addressed, the general consensus seems to be that the rules are fine, and that although most who spoke up said the News Team shouldn’t be disbanded, Opinion Polls reported heavy support for the dissolution of the group and relegation of its role to all Staff.

The plan then, is to make the News more accessible; for now at least. All Staff, if they should wish it, may work on the News. All they need to do is volunteer their work, and they will be given the necessary tools and information to start writing. If this proves successful, then the News Team may eventually be disbanded.[2]

New Discussion Post Rewards!

We have begun issuing Rewards for Discussion Post counts, just like we do for Edit counts. Don’t worry about the high requirements — all of your Forum posts will transfer over to Discussions eventually, so you'll start off with a good deal of discussion posts. Get hyped, and start earning!

Check out the Rewards Page!

Start posting on Discussions!

Promotions & Demotions

None this week.

Wiki Design

We have been reconsidering our overall look on our Wiki. This will change the aesthetics of our wiki drastically. If you want to weigh in on this change, you can tell us your opinions here. You can expect to see a few changes occur on this Wiki during this week.

Submit Your Opinions Here!

Button Changes

In case you haven’t already noticed, our button have changed to make them resemble some in-game elements like the Game Mode selector. These buttons required a lot of coding, so bugs will be present. If you happen to spot any issues with the buttons, please report it to an Administrator.


New TopNav

The TopNav has been restyled to better match the new buttons. While the TopNav is not permanent, it will remain until the new headers are standardized across Fandom.

Discussions Feed — Coming Soon to the Main Page

Administrators will add a Discussions Activity Feed to the right rail of the Main Page. In order to ensure that the left column is not shorter than the right column, the left column will need to be extended before the Feed can be added. As soon as the Community App for iOS is released, Adminsitrators will move the MP-Apps Module to the left column of the Main Page to extend its length, and then add more content to the Twin Modules to further increase the left column length until it is long enough to fit a Discussions Feed in the right rail, at which point it will be installed.

Turkish Wiki Overhaul

Ursuul, Turkish Founder C00KIEB0YY, & Turkish Admin MoonTR have been working together to make the Turkish Wiki more aesthetically appealing. Although it is rocky-going, hopefully it will encouraging more editing there. If anyone knows Turkish, or any of the other Interlanguage Wiki languages, then feel free to help those Wikis out! If there isn’t already a Wiki in a language you speak, then don’t hesitate to create a new one & the English Wiki will support you every step of the way!


  • The Welcome Image for App Users was updated.
  • A WAM Log was added in a permanent capacity.
  • The Maps extension was disabled, as it was unused (except for memes).
  • The artificial Discussions link, under “On the Wiki,” will no longer glitch off of the TopNav for logged-out readers in mobile.

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Are you excited for the History of the Wiki project?

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What do you think of the current Automated Message?

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Wiki Policy News Polls
How do you feel about Forum Games restriction?

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Do you like the way the News will now be handled?

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Tech News Polls
Which buttons do you like best?

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  1. Admins will curate them to ensure historical accuracy, and then re-protect the subpages a day before the anniversary for last-minute touchups.
  2. Normal users can still request to join the Team for now, but they must present a well-written blog when they do so as proof of their linguistic skill.