Auto Destroyer Hybrid

    August 7, 2016 by OBSERBER

    It's a simple idea!

    Just like the Hybrid, instead of a drone, Its an AI cannon!

    That's it! :D

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    August 7, 2016 by OBSERBER
    1. I have an idea for the trapper

    It's for a lvl45 upgrade, i still dont know a name for it.

    It can only shoot 1 trap but it can control the trap. The player can switch views from the trapper and the trap.

    The trap's size is like the mega trapper's size. (you guys can change it)

    It's weakness is when the player controlled the trap far away, the player will not notice if his/her tank is being attacked or not.

    So thats my Idea!

    Another one is a mixed Stalker and an Auto tank.

    This tank has 1 auto cannon and (any amount) of cannons.

    The auto cannon only appears when you stand still. Standing still makes you go invisible.

    Its REALLY obvious for other players to see you because your auto cannon is visible, thats the problem.So the auto cannon must fade a b…

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