These are events that play against my procedure sides

High risk


  1. The unlucky november: The event of Access Limited until November 21 2016 trying to attract members of Zeldaforme, mentioned in the first kings court πŸ˜₯
  2. Dislike war in 2 videos: TLA#1F attracted 11 dislikes to 2 videos, forcing them to dislike remedy, those are the popular Miskine encounter and 17 minute turnaround Follow-up thread😩
  3. Dislike attack in channel trailer: The formerly most popular video of me; alpha of Zeldaforme gaming Channel Trailer is attacked by 7 dislikes and hinders progress😩

Diepio Wikia

  1. Edit farmer tag risk: The thread threatening the entire squad with blocking and editfarmer tag, defamating el armadillo; #Typo fortification againπŸ˜₯


  1. Silenced!: The accomplishment thread was spamming memes and removed many replies by admins and mods then silenced me;πŸ˜₯

Non-procedure sides

  1. Strict Rezero policies: A cursingly strong bureaucrat removed a point-proving comment that should not have been deemed as spam at all because it's only about the article and ursuul's icon. Hate strict spam rules😩
  2. From Bureaucrat to Rifleman: KittyKittyCat394 very strongly abuses his power to repeeaedly silence opposition after deleting an image, a comment and my rabbit comments. Demoted by Kirkburn and later blocked. An alt vanalized my userpage and the main page on my wiki Source thread😑

Medium risk


  1. Dislike attack by Specops Gaming: Harassment is high and I was pouting hard about being rude to my subs; 🀦

Diepio Wikia

  1. Fortified #USQ errors: Ursuul told me off for detecting USQ errors as the articles had such errors that #typovandal Ursuul reverts the edits, just the same as the #DUSO errors; #USQ warn, FortifiedπŸ˜–
  2. Tag risk: CHayden told me off for commenting various errors [#Z #OR #SZ] with the cleanup template. Tag threatπŸ˜₯
  3. Dislike attack in poll: In the Underlsime's ahem thread, 6 rejects and 2 suspends were put in a poll. Too hard to avoid spam😩

Low risk

  1. Deleted comments: The template rule and spam are both too hard to avoid on this wiki
    I'm fustrated

    Restore 3 comments

    . Doesn't count for comments that are removed after a parent comment.😩
  2. Removed replies: Ursuul, SR and Aysh removed some of the replies while derailment and spam is too hard to avoid 😩 Restore so I can edit it #1 Restore this STHAP😩
  3. Removed Thread: A thread on the off-topic board should NEVEr have been removed for being low quality Not poor qualityπŸ˜₯

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