Player name Max score Class Image
HELLO!! 1,400,000 Hybrid 1 point 4 million
IJustLikeMusic 1,200,000 Overlord 1 point 2 million
,l,(^,..,^),l, 1,100,000 Overlord AllBlue
TM 1,100,000 Sprayer MillionaireTank
[NL] 1,100,000 Spike 1mil 1
An unnamed tank 1,100,000 Predator
Gastro 125,900 Booster FIX THE LAG!
Arena Closer 106,800 Arena Closer Arena closer greater than 100k
(MG)Tombabe 74,900 Booster NecromancerRecord


I am rank #29 with edits on Special:Listusers and i am the oldest editor of this wiki that isn't blocked (joined fandom on 21:28, June 21, 2014) 1000 edit milestone:


  • User:Rifleman2; Heavy vandal
  • User:Dumb100; Harasser and user vandal
  • User:Diep GAWD; Banned himself
  • User:El armadillo; Edit farmer; made more edits than anyone else on DCoW
  • User:Ewan haqeem; Removed content from pages
  • User:KittyKittyCat394; Wikia Abuser because
    Removal Thread Abuse

    Restore this

    , and he hates me

Negative in terms of z

Positive in terms of z

Negative in terms of a

Nobellion wrote: Ozziene, why won't you listen to your audience? We try to give you tips to improve your channel but you keep disregarding them. If you aren't willing to accept feedback, then you can consider your channel a dead one. "Dislike Remedy"ing things will only get you mocked on YouTube. If your videos are getting disliked, it's probably for a good reason. Try to mend it, and if it still doesn't catch on, drop the idea. You don't try to shape your audience at the start, your audience shapes you and you produce videos that they want to see. Keep making different content untill you find the one that interests your audience the most. This is where listening to us comes into play. You can either

  1. Listen to us an make your content better.
  2. Ignore us and kill your channel

This is probably my last piece of advice to you, Ozziene.

Take it or leave it.

Ursuul wrote: ^

<insert name here>, Use curled quotes, superscript ordinals and UK language somewhere else.

My channel

I have the smallest channel with only 4 subscribers. David Harvey is the youtube channel [1]


Memes/Image macros


[LOOOL]; I use this only if someone breaks the rules in off-topic threads

By NecroTheTank. I don't normally use this image macro because it is a meme, but it's actually the least dank.

Skill proof

1 million

Death screen/Other

Diety of 300k+

Arena closer


Image contribs

Positive images in the term of Z




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