This is all news from the alphaverse. Grant thompson uploaded Gigantic Gummy Worms & The Secret Second Verse #TheSecondVerse which now has a 31% dislike rate due to colorblind Logan Paul, suddenly became controversial 4 days ago because of sharing of The Second Verse, which was owned by Jake Paul and ended up with a dislike attack on his channel and an impact on his fame and subscriber count. Grant thompson's subscriber count wasn't affected by the dislike attack because theoretically, a dislimke rate of over 50% would likely impact on his subscriber count.

But conversely, after an hour after the video upload, Logan Paul surpassed the 5.7 million subscriber count and he doesn;t have a discussion tab turned on. I recieved so many ntifications lately on the google plus page about the comments on Grant Thompson's video.

Dislike attack transclusion proof

This is all dislike attack comments

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