Below is a list of grievances of my fame. Follow this thread to subscribe to this blog and once a new grieance is made, you'll recieve a notification and you'll be sent to the blog and the latest grievance. When you respond to a grievance, always remember to precede your comment with the grievance number. Also make sure not to comment .-. , -_- or ._. in in the comments. They are invalid responses


Grievance 2: Dislike ratio problem in Team mode - The wierdest turnaround with Lillys (Result: Overcome)

As an attempt to return some lost subscribers in the previous grievance, I made a turnaround with a more powerful and more popular youtuber, Lillys and so far only manage to return 1 out of 2 subscribers. Subscriber counts must always stay at its peak level.

Fame entry:

πŸ‘ŽπŸ™…: Dislikes must never be greater than likes

Likes: 3, Dislikes: 3 <- 😐

  • Division fame: 1
  • Logarithm fame: 0
  • Approval Rating: 50%

Please find ways to help prevent any further dislikes and increasse likes beyond 4.


  • Ozziene: The ratings were triple of yesterday.
  • Ozziene: βœ… Raito Overcome by likes

Grievance 1: πŸ™πŸ˜Ώ Lost subscribers from my channel (Result: Recovered)

The audience strength has fallen by 65% as a recovery from dislike attacks. At the same time, the views got so low that the subscriber count stopped rising after 39 from the maximum of 40. Videos that get about 70 views are risking a hit of dislike attacks If I make another turnaround, if enough strong audience views are ommited, about 8 likes are in my videos, protecting it from a dislike attack, especially if it's sponmtaneous. Dislikes must never be greater than likes.

πŸ™πŸ˜Ώ: Losing subscribers is opposing my goal

Subscribers: 38 Peak: 40

Please find ways to avoid subscriber losses and increase subscribers beyond 40

  • Subscribers remaining to resolve: 0#


  • Ozziene: βž• Subscribers recovered

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