Millions of players are calling dead because teamers are all over FFA/Experimental servers. By now, most of you players know Teaming in FFA/Experimental is an illegal activity and we're starting gameplay of solo players to take down teamers.

Now here's the story. The first months of was peaceful and very little teamers went into play. After 6 months, teamers have statted to spread and take over. The anti-teaming penalty took down the teamers but is also causing problems to solo players. It only took another 9 months before the slow teaming technique took over and contravened anti-teaming and virtually killed the game.

About half to 3/4 of the FFA/Experimental servers have slow teamers dominating the server. This is totally unfair for solo players and will prevent them from keeping a fair game for them.

Please check out the youtube video ([1]) and when you join, use the tag [a😇DWB]

You don't have to keep your name when fighting, but please remember: Don't team with other players when fighting. The purpose of the gameplay is to get teamers all out of the server. Set priority for the enemies you fight: Teamers < Solo players < Players with my set tags Play the games in FFA/Experimental

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