Very insignificant things

Insignificant things

Slightly insignificant things

Very slightly significant things, such as the test of things

Slighly significant things

Moderately significant things and very short-term goals

Significant things and short-term goals

Very significant things and mid-term goals

Intense significant things and long-term goals

Very long-term goals

Ultimate goals

My to-do list

  • Get aother video view/like
  • Get another youtube subscriber
  • Try to keep my off-topic games on this wikia, DCoW and wiki active
  • Do another sims 4 experiment
  • Get a youtube video comment showing a suggestion
  • Make a video on
  • Meet another millionaire tank
  • Get a comment showng how to mdo what i do in TS4
  • Kill a tank with over 300k in the scores
  • Get the very first member of Zeldaforme; my clan
  • Get 10 youtube subscribers, to do my second kings court
  • Solve one of my fan's curiosity of a suggestion on Youtube
  • Beat my original lumicon record of 238m pix
  • Reach the tier 1 tank
  • Get a lumicon with over 1.0b pix
  • Kill a tank with over 1.0m in the scores
  • Make a video with 100k views
  • Become staff of this wikia
  • Get 1.0m in
  • Get 50 comments showing how to do a sims 4 experiment
  • Become a content moderator of this wiki
  • Rebirth algicosathlon
  • Get 100k subscribers
  • Become an admin of this wiki
  • Bodyguard a tank over 1.0m
  • Complete the story of Wun Wun
  • Become a bureaucrat (Maybe to take over ursuul?)
  • Reach 1.0m subscribers
  • Reach 5000 edits
  • Reach the ultimate 10.0m subscribers
  • Publish my ultimate video game, Orders of Magnitude Battle
  • Get 100 million views on a video

Can you please make it so it's possible to reply to blog posts. Posting 60 days after a comment is not necroposting.

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