|r  \\ /   e||    \ /    |
|   \\. /   ||   \ . /   |
|    -U-    ||    -r-    |
|   / 'g\/--""--\/ ' \   |
|d   / \/        \/ \    |
+------<    aa    >------+
|       (        )       |
|     .  \--++--/  .     |
|     J     ||    -O-\   |
|    /'     ||     '\    |
|           ||      \    |

This is just a project I'm working on in The Sims 4. I'll just recreate my color tiangulum, the significant Diepio Wikia members, Sims forum members (my opinion), the major Wikipedia members, and A:TG players

structure of the alphaverse

  1. Tetramounts; which mounts 🗽Ursuul, 🌹rosemow, Omesh and Jimbo under the main color triangulum
  2. Color Halo 1; mounts around alpha and has grant, wunwun and carykh
  3. Color Halo 2; Mounts around ⛪Zathus on the 7th ring, consists of 🐇iownu, 🐇imheretoo and 🐈xxauroraxxx
  4. edge tetramounts; Mounted around Ursuul and holds 💥rifleman, 👤el armadillo, 💢dumb100 and 🌎good202. Other vandals are mounted on them

members of the alphaverse

  1. a-lpha; The one who rules the alphaverse
  2. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"; On north side of the core and thus is the green color constant. Active for commentary support
  3. Wun Wun; A fast-growing but dormant channel that helps incubate. It,s currently honorary. If this channel gets terminated, it,'ll be replaced with JP
  4. carykh; The constant that helps the coding skill and has a unique game called
  5. Ursuul (Ram). Central of the first mount of The Tetramount, active bureaucracy.
  6. Zathus (Your Worst Nightmare). One of two honorary bureaucrats of the wiki and mounted on Ursuul
  7. Mewsh; the founder of this wiki that,s now gone; mounted on zathus
  8. Ozun (Rem); The bot and thus moved to the 7th layer inline with mewsh
  9. SR (Banana)upper side of Ursuul
  10. Nobellion (Firefox) Forms up the bottom side of Ursuul
  11. Hayden (Henry Morgan)Left of Ursuul
  12. smg (The Psychosis Induced Hypomaniac)Right of Ursuul

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