POG Omega

aka Omega

  • I live in Usually the blue corner
  • My occupation is I'm a necromancer, so magic I guess
  • I am I classify myself as an attack helicopter
  • POG Omega

    Im entitled

    September 27, 2016 by POG Omega

    Ok so ive been getting some spins from random people in, and that's pretty cool, but i don't know if ive said in the past obnly to spin if im on my way to being a necromance, which im pretty sure i dident, i just wanted to tell you people that im entitled to change my class sometimes. Now if you see an octotank, or booster tank with my name its probably not me, but if you se a necromancer(obviously), landmine, overtrapper, auto 5, or stalker its probably me. I know im probably just giving info to fakers, but come on guys be legit. This is all i needed to say. {im also sometimes a manager}

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  • POG Omega

    This is me {POG} Omega... um... It won't let me put the advanced brackets in so you'll see it as just POG, which is fine... uh.. yeah.. soo.. I'm a long time diep-er first time wikia-er, so yeah... if you see me in game give me a spin or not, your choice. 

    I remember when came out, and everyone was so fresh and respectful, nowadays you only see curse word names and over confident tanks everywere. I feel like people should actually THINK about what they put as there name, and be respectful. Also I remember when the overlord was an UPGRADE to the overseer, back when the overseer had six drones and the overlord had eight. I mean, the overlord is still really awesome and far from unuseable, but at least give it nine or ten drones to com…

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