This is me {POG} Omega... um... It won't let me put the advanced brackets in so you'll see it as just POG, which is fine... uh.. yeah.. soo.. I'm a long time diep-er first time wikia-er, so yeah... if you see me in game give me a spin or not, your choice. 

I remember when came out, and everyone was so fresh and respectful, nowadays you only see curse word names and over confident tanks everywere. I feel like people should actually THINK about what they put as there name, and be respectful. Also I remember when the overlord was an UPGRADE to the overseer, back when the overseer had six drones and the overlord had eight. I mean, the overlord is still really awesome and far from unuseable, but at least give it nine or ten drones to compensate for the overseer buff. Now this is totally my opinion and the overlord in no way HAS to change, this is just what I think. I also believe we should have the ability to become bosses in sandbox, we already have the ability to become arena closers so there is endless possibility. I don't know about you guys, but I think it would be pretty incredable strolling around a sandbox party as a tiny defender. Although I guess since bosses are so powerful they would probably just add to the common ban list along with the aforementioned arena closer and all three dominaters, so you can look at it both ways. On the topic of bosses, I see some people on this wiki stating that they're called mini-bosses. In my experience as a video game player, mini-bosses often are below regular bosses so wether or not there is some hidden "regular' boss in the game or thats just what people call them is beyond me. I'm not one of Gunnerteam's necromancers, if you were wondering, Still don't hack him/her though and have respect.

Now with all that out of the way, I would like to tell you guys about my life. I remember when I was first born as a tank, I was so cute! One of my first experiences, if I remember correctly, was defeating this one tank called the "poop shoot" which I think is a crude name, but it was a flank guard so I guess it makes sense. Every tank has its special "changes", and for me these were tough. I don't know about you, but when I was growing up being a sniper was hard. It was my first major change, and while all me friends were getting more barrels or abilities, I was stuck with a slightly longer barrel which I was often teased about. It got better when I was an overseer though. When I was an overseer most tanks actually grew to fear me instead of tease, which I felt pretty good about. I did get a bit overconfident though. When I just turned overseer, the first thing I did was enter the pent. nest. Bad idea right? I was not thinking about that at the time, and as soon as I entered I was overwhelmed with bullets. The first couple rounds I was able to dodge and block, but the next few had hit. I was badly wounded, physically and mentally, I thought I could never do anything again. So I farmed around the edge, became a necromancer, and obliterated EVERYBODY. Moral of the story? If at first you don't succeed, try try again. This has been my, {POG} Omega's life story, (of course, back then I was just omega) and I remain necromancer to this day. Sometime I might set up a sandbox server so I can meet y'all, but thats still undecided.

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