Hey everyone, it's Lenk!

I'm here with some tips for editing pages on Wikia.

Tip 1: Try to stay neutral on the topic

Avoid bringing your own opinions into an article. Only put fact in an article you are editing, it makes it much better.

When the way you view something is changed by your opinions or experiences, you are biased. Bias makes an article much less genuine, and contributes to misinforming the reader. Don't say something is bad in an article just because you don't like it. Instead, look at it from a subjective point.

Example: You have trouble fighting the Booster, so you write in its article that it is the most overpowered tank in the entire game.

Tip 2: Don't primarily use the Visual Editor

The Visual Editor (VE) is the default way of editing set for new Wikia members. The idea of it is to make editing easier for people that aren't familiar with wikitext.

However, if you do know wikitext, using the Source Editor (SE) will give you the editing edge. The SE shows code for the article. While the VE shows you how the article looks as you make it, which is useful, the SE is better for creating longer articles and is more efficient.

In the SE, code that will work in the article becomes highlighted a specific color, depending on the type of code. If it is faulty code, it remains the normal color. This allows you to quickly spot wikitext in an article.

The SE also makes editing infoboxes easier, the specifics of images, is the only way to edit templates, and allows you to type up an article in a Notepad style. In this style, all of the characters are the same size, including spaces, and has a consistent spacing between lines, making the article much easier to read as an editor.

However, the VE is still useful. When pasting text or images into the SE, the images will be lost and the text will lose its formatting. When pasted into the VE, the text and images remain the same as they were copied. If copied from a program like Microsoft Word, this can allow you to quickly change text's color or size.

This is all I have for now. If you see any errors, have any suggestions, or want me to modify a fallacy, leave it in a comment. This took a very long time to make, and I doubt it's flawless.

I will continue to edit this in the future, and I am listening to feedback. It helps me make posts like this better, without it I will have trouble making improvements after a certain point.

Thanks for reading!

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