The Final Favicon Poll has concluded, and we have chosen our Favicon: A Boss Tank. All that's left to do is to vote on which Boss Tank to choose and get it implemented(Ursuul and SR have already approved that choice). So, without further ado, here is the poll. Keep in mind that the rules for voting are identical to the other poll.

The winner of this poll will become the Favicon (tab icon) and will be implemented by Captain Hayden or SuperRobot9338Vote by stating your vote in the corresponding comment below. Voters must:

  • Not be an alt
  • Have at least 50 edits (Do not vote if you are not verified and don't meet the other criteria. It messes with the poll, and we will be checking the voter profiles)
  • Have at least 2 weeks experience on the wiki


  • Not be an alt
  • Be a Verified User (i.e. not have the Newb tag)

For info on what we're voting on, go here: Thread:51820

For proof of approval: Thread:69907

Please only vote once.

Previous Standings:

Defender: 10 votes

Guardian: 3 votes

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