Good morning lads, just making a blog post to say that I'll probably be gone for about 5 days starting tomorrow, and when I say gone I mean I'll visit here but I won't edit anything and I won't respond to you if you try to bother me. After the 5 days I'll go back to being semi-active, then once the new year starts and I go back to school I'll go back to my regular schedule of being on at 4-6 on weekdays and then, like, 12 hours straight on one day at least once every few weekends.

But enough about that, 'cause the real reason I decided to make a blog post was to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to be all festive, since our wikia needs that right now. With that said, some people come here and they do a few edits, but they don't really mingle with the rest of the community. That's fine, but I'm not one of those people. You probably notice from my profile page and the way I talk to people that I've grown attaced to the wikia, and I display my entire personality here (which may be a flaw of mine).

So when you come here, try to imagine all of the faces behind the computer screens. Try to imagine all the people here's lives, all their families (or no familes), all their friends, all their hardships, all their triumphs, all their problems, all their strengths. And when you do, be grateful that we're all here together, and that even though we sometimes may not get along, we all share a love for this wikia and

Additionally, I hope that everyone who may not be having such a great Christmas for some reason or another feels warm and happy when they come here. I hope you guys get all the presents you wanted and you also get to spend valuable time with your family, friends and colleagues.

Merry Christmas!


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