aka DaKingRCD

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  • RCD2400

    Hello and Good day to anyone reading this message right over here! 

    I am DaKingRCD and I'd like to announce that I am non-officially back to the wikia! So expect activity but not any contribution :/

    I'd also like to say I've missed you all a lot and I'm planning on joyfully meeting our members ^^

    I hope you all enjoy your day now! Ba-Bye!

    Also I'd like to say that I don't play anymore, so yeah!

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  • RCD2400

    My booster build

    June 30, 2016 by RCD2400

    This booster build is very tough and strong but lacks bullet speed and movement speed: the build is 6,6,0,0,7,7,7,0 and this build really works here's a picture of me getting 557,000 score with it

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