I'm bored. So, I'm gonna make a link to this on every user page I have, so that I don't have to do some big thing. Ok.

Back to Basics

  • What's your real name?

Joel, but I prefer Robot.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Favorite color?

​I'm color blind, but Black is my happy color. Maybe orange. Or is that green?

  • Favorite food?

Don't think I have one. Maybe toasted sandwinches with spicy cheese and pork. I love pork. I'm a vegans nightmare.

  • Favorite smell?

​I have no sense of smell. Which is rather abnormal. But, anyway... 

  • Have any hobies?

​Hmm, I like acting, drawing, i've got a gig as a clown once a year actually, so. I also write abit.

  • What irritates you the most?

​People swearing every second word, people that say things that make no sense sometimes, my little brother.

What about Wikia

  • How did you get to wikia?

​Well, for about two years I just looked at wikis for info, but once I saw a big mistake on the MCPE wiki, and I had to make an account to edit, and that's how I got to wikia.

  • How many wikis have you founded?

​A few, but most of them failed, so not saying that.

  • Some people say you have a personal wiki about you?

​Ahh, yes, The Amazing, Outstanding, Remarkable Robotguy39 wiki. I got bored. It's basicly where I spend my time and do code tests. Check it out if you want. It's got a good plot line...

I'll update this later, once I have more time.

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