I'm quitting. I have noticed that I am suffering from peer pressure, slowly starting to use coarse language and becoming more innapropriate. My social life has been becoming less, and I feel that i'm not doing anything anyway. (which is true) I am also becoming a bit tooooooo close to the wiki, slowly getting into fights, and i've noticed I have been saying things that I regret. Such as stating that I want a user to die. That is so mean, I just, that's something I hope I NEVER do again. I'm not leaving the wiki, I'm not going to storm the wiki with alts anymore, and i'm going to become a bit less active. Some day, I may ask to be staff again. 

The other reason i'm quitting is that my REAL life is going nearly the same way. I'm hanging out with... kinda bad people. And i've decided to stop. And do my own thing. So, doing my own thing. Now, i'm not saying you're bad people, but, well, there's some people I don't agree with, and some people are just awesome.

BTW, thanks Nobel and Ursuul that i'm acting nuts. I'm usually nuts, but, i've been acting bad nuts. Umm. Yea. .__.

Robot, out.

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