I needed something to do, and I've been thinking about joining the news team, and to do that you need good blogs, so...

1. Food. Food is often helpful. Pie. Cheese. Mayo. All those are random. Say that somewhere and they'll be confused.

2. TV. I watch too many TV, but it's helpful. There's so much dumb stuff on it, and so many material! For instance, spongebob. In the episode where Mr. Kraus makes a guess how many seeds are in the jar game, one of them says blue. That's wacky enough to bring me a laugh.

3. Like I just said, he said blue, and I laughed. Colours are helpful. Going up to someone and saying greeeeeeeeen is definitely on the randomness charts.

4. When in doubt, look about. I walk out the door, and a stranger walks past. Watta I say? I can't think, when suddenly, I look around and see an ice cream truck! Ice cream... cream... milk... cow... beef... vegetarian... lego... Ha! Then I scream out LEGO! Dealt with.

5. Don't offend people. This can include random swear words, drug talk, inappropriate language, so, penis is funny, but sometimes offensive, lol, it's still halarious...

6. Noise. Make it. Wether it's a nnnnGGGGGGRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFNAG! Or a plllllllllllllmmmmmmmpf, it's bound to be random.


8. The internet. Great for ideas, but amazing in case you've got a friend. You say, come ere! And google something random, like peanuts, or, the back of an owls eyeball. Then say, knew it, done that, eaten it, stewed it, picked it, or BANANNANA!!

9. I just like the number, nothing special here.

And finally, the greatest rule of all time:

10. Be yourself. Wether you're random, qwerky, loud, shy, stupid, sporty, silent, mute, or allergic to shellfish, don't be afraid to show your true colours. Even if you can't see them. Heheh. No matter what you look like, you can be whatever you want to be, even if your random or not. You are you. I just recommend you're funny. That helps.

Thankyou one and all, for reading the amazing, outstanding, remarkable, Robotguy39's rules of Randomness. Remember kids, gravy is a fruit, not a vegetable. XD

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