NOTE: This is a WIP (Work In Progress) and i might never get done with it because i might forget.

Another note: This might not be accurate.



Can control triangles more specifically called Drones, you can right-click to repel these Drones. Make sure you have Auto Fire on since the automatic Drones dont give you good Defense.


Against the Overseer

Keep your distance from the Overseer and its Drones; they can do big damage to your tank. Do not let an Overseer get a critical hit with one Drone as you might loose almost all or even all of your health as a glass cannon.

If you are Attacking with a Ramming Booster, do not run into the Drones as they could make you looks almost all of your health. If you are on low health then retreat away from the Overseer. Attack when your health is full as you need to have alot of armour if you accidentally hit a Drone or two



Can control Squares, unlike its companion the Overseer, it uses Squares as its Reload. Reload is changed to Drone Count, so you might want to use some points on Reload when you are less than level 30.


Against the Necromancer

If you are attempting to attack the Necromancer as a Bullet Spammer then aim at the closest Drones too you and keep your distance since the Necromancer has Drones that can do very big Damage

If you are attempting to attack the Necromancer as a Stalker or a Ranger then you want to get the Necromancer out of your FOV. Shoot at the Necromancer when it has no Drones guarding it, if the Necromancer is heading torwards you, you are going to have to shoot at its Drones and at the same time retreat away from the Necromancer.

As the Necromancer

Upgrade to the Necromancer where Squares are everywhere. Remember the most important thing as the Necromancer needs to gain Squares in order to attack, so if you have no Squares left then ram into a Square and it will turn into your Drone. repel your Drones (right click) if there are any Squares nearby.

Do not go into the Pentagon Nest; as that is the most dangerous place to be. There are many Bullet spammers like Pentashots, Spreadshots and Sprayers in the Pentagon Nest. Some Bullet spammers in the Pentagon Nest will see you as a target; especially if you have no Drones.

If you are trying to fight a Focused fire tank like Twin or Triplet then you want to repel your Drones in the direction of the Enemy Tank and then target them with your drones.

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