Vote for your favorite Wordmark!

Welcome to the Wordmark Contest! Submit your Wordmarks on this thread, but read the Rules first. You may post submissions until February 25th.

Rules for Submission

  1. No direct copying of other people’s designs, or else your Wordmark will be disqualified. Being inspired by another Wordmarks design is okay, plagiarism is not.
  2. Alts and Users that have joined less than a month ago will not be allowed to vote.
  3. If you vote with alts your Wordmark will be disqualified.
  4. You are allowed to submit more than one Wordmark.

Required Image Parameters

If your image does not have these, it will be disqualified.

  • 250 pixels wide and 65 pixels tall.
    • Smaller dimensions can be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Related to in some way.
  • High Definition — Blurry images will not be accepted.
  • .PNG Image File.
  • No pornographic or otherwise offensive content.

Preferred Image Parameters (ordered by importance)

Your image does not need all, or even any, of these, but the more it has, the higher its chances of winning will be.

  • Transparency!
  • High quality!
    • We want the wordmark to stand out, & make us unique! It should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
  • Assets
    • If your wordmark features elements of itself, like a tank or some polygons, then that gives uniqueness to our Wiki & closely associates our website to the content itself.
    • Using the font of, Ubuntu, is also lightly recommended.
  • Portability
    • Wikia is going to change the TopNav soon, to look something like this, so your wordmark needs to flow with that new format as well as the current format.
    • We may be changing the Wiki Theme in the future, so its colors should be able to flow with most anything.

How to Submit your Wordmark

Post it, by itself, in this thread. You can post as many submissions as you want, but be sure to read the Thread Rules.

How the Winner will be Chosen

Kudos. Each Submission can receive Kudos from anyone with a longstanding account, & the top three images with the most Kudos will be sent to the Administrators for review, & they will come to a consensus about which of the three Submissions is the most suitable for the Wiki.

NOTE: Each Submission will have its Kudos screened by Administrators. Kudos from newly created accounts (i.e. less than one month old), Alternate Accounts, or from Banned Users will be discarded from the total number of Kudos, & only the remaining Kudos will count.

In addition, Administrators who submit Wordmarks will not be allowed to participate in the final judgment if one of their Submissions makes it into the top three. If none of their Submissions make it that far, then they may participate as usual. The reasoning for this rule is to prevent bias.

High Quality Examples


Rewards for the Winner

  1. The winner of this contest, that being, the person whose image becomes the Wordmark, will receive the Diep Artist Reward for all time.
  2. The winner will receive Credits in the Wiki Wordmark File Summary so long as their Submission is in use.
  3. For one month, the winner will receive the right to request any colors, fonts, & gradients which are usually reserved for Administrators. They may also request a single imported font.
  4. For one month after achieving victory, the winner’s profile will be featured on the Main Page.
  5. For one month, the winner will receive an “Editor of the Month” Tag on their Profile, much like the
    Staff Tags, which can be styled to their preference so long as they have it. This reward will be given out to new users each & every month afterward.

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