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    The Change Of One Day

    November 19, 2016 by SectorProtector

    You see,

      I had realised something that happened to this wiki after Ursuul left.

    Ursuul has been the innapropriate brainchild of all the wikia's corruption. You see i realised today, after Ursuul, there was no reason to carry on our barbaric ways. I believed I noticed that a little too late. In one day, the loss of a contributor (a corrupted one indeed)  has changed the general age enviorment of the wiki. The two roots of evil Smgamermat77 and Ursuul were the posterchildren of childish behavior, and i'm afraid it is time to move on.This wiki must re-invent itself and spend some more time tending to our general audience, rather than pleasing those who were above us, and who indesputibly, created an enviorment instilled with fear. However rat…

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