The Pizza Wars

The Pizza Wars began on August 4th, 2017. They are the first of the Intergalactic Wars that were recorded by an unknown scribe.


Skye Sim

The Named BOSS

The Tidal Wave (Can conjure 1 item at a time)

Theelementalmaster (Builder, has special privileges)


Enemies Come in Three Variants:

NORMAL:Does nothing special

ANTI PIZZA:Does more damage to pizza then normal.

WALL BREAKER:Does more damage to walls then the others.

Troop:"Who even likes pizza anyways?" This is the most common enemy, they are normally used by the enemy to keep fire away from the Giants. Don't let them scare you! Any attack will kill them, but beware. They come in large numbers!

AP (Anti-Pizza) Giant:"Feeee fyyyy fooohhh fuuummmm"Is it Godzillas pizza hating brother? Is it a giant ***? No, it is both of them! These big fellas' can take a beating and pack a punch to your pizza, don't let these big guys get close to the pizza!


The Vanguard: "I guard Vans" The first boss you'll encounter in the game, he has 1400 HP and will 3 shot your pizza if you haven't upgraded its HP (by ordering pizza or using the pizza generator) his weakness is rocket turrets. He appears on wave 5 and 10

Behemoth :"FEEEEYYYY FYYYYY FOOHHHH FUUUMMMMMM x10" Probably your worst nightmare, a boss version of the giant. He has 10000 HP but takes more DMG from everything, he is very slow but he can one shot your pizza, he spawns on wave 15, 20 and 25

Cake Monster:"Cookies and Cake! No Pizza!" The Ultimate Boss, a flying cake monster that can only take damage from rocket turrets and helicopters, he/she can't move until it's at 1000 HP, it has 50000 HP and super high damage to everything, it's weakness is the weapons above, so start stocking up Helis, spawns every 5 rounds after 30.


Enemies come in waves

After the round ends, you can purchase any item in the store, provided it is in your price range.

Pizza Base default HP - 1000

Each pizza bought provides +100 HP

G = Gold

Shop Items

TURRETS: "Shooty Shooty Bang Bang"' these little puppies (not puppies) are a huge help at the start of the game when you don't have a wall ready, these come in three types, each cost 50 G

PLASMA TURRET: High Damage and medium fire rate

NORMAL TURRET: Low Damage and super high fire rate

ROCKET TURRET: Super High Damage and low fire rate, also does splash damage.

WALL: "We need to build a wall" Lookin' to defend your Pizza from those giants? Fear not, the wall is here! A giant wall ready to stop anything from destroying your delicious pizza! You can stack a wall 5 times and each wall has 500 HP, each wall costs 500 G.

PIZZA GENERATOR: "Pizza Pizza" Is Pizza Hut just not getting the job done? Don't worry! The Pizza Generator will save the day! Every wave you manage to survive, this Bad Boy will produce 1 pizza. Remember, every 1 pizza adds +100 HP to the pizza itself. Costs 2500 G.

GOLD GENERATOR: "How to print money" Are you running low on funds and you need a loan? The Gold Generator is there for you! Every time a side makes an action this thing will produce 50 G, and it costs 2500 G.

HELICOPTER PAD: "Get to da choppa!" Need a bit of Arnold in your base? Order A Heli right now, the Heli has 500 HP but packs a punch! Costs 1500 G

WEAPONS BUILDER: "YES WE CAN!" The Turrets not doing enough? Hire a Weapons Builder to build 5 weapons of your choice for you! Every wave you can build another 5 custom weapons! Costs 5000 G

ALPHA G: "*Insert noob spamming this emote*" Need a bit of big in your life? This Big Fella is your answer, has infinite health and every wave it can kill 5 enemies of your choice or 50 normal enemies. Costs 10000 G

DRINK DISPENSER: "Cold" A simple drink dispenser, can dispense 5 drinks per wave, a drink fully restores the drinker's energy and makes them Regen 50 HP, costs 7500 G

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