Local citizens have been worried for the past few days. However, their concerns are not without a good reason.

About three weeks ago, the popular gamemode, Mothership, was removed completely without warning. Afterwards, the new and very uncreative gamemode, Maze, was added in its place. Outraged, citizens instantly demanded that the old Mothership gamemode did not have to be removed. In a defensive move, Government officials claimed that the gamemode was causing unnecessary lag on their servers, and should have been removed even sooner than it was. Citizens did not take well to the excuses they were provided, and began creating riots inside of Maze arenas everywhere. Originally, the riots were peaceful protests, simply demanding that Mothership should be re-added since it was fun. Officials, however, did not say any further words towards the matter.

After about a week of protesting without results, a keen user, who goes by the name Mother of Ships, had uncovered top secret emails between Government officials. To her surprise and equal horror, officials have apparently taken the gamemode down as a result of interesting properties from the Motherships themselves, as well as trying to cover up their supposed operation.

While it is unclear as of now, it is highly speculated by all citizens (due to the leakage of the previously mentioned secret emails) that officials are actually kidnapping Motherships and hoarding them in a secret laboratory somewhere, and are trying to harvest the mass amounts of Drones they can produce. Citizens are concerned now that the Goverment is trying to build a massive army of Drones, and will soon take over and enslave all of

Being a Mothership herself, Mother of Ships had some words to say on this disgusting matter.

"My family being Motherships, we are absolutely appalled by something like this. Kidnapping Motherships and enslaving them to continuously produce Drones? Who does something that sick?!"

As a result of this, the previously mentioned peaceful protests have now become extremely violent, with many users trying to physically break apart the walls inside of Maze arenas. Arena Closers everywhere have been assigned to protect the walls at all costs, as they fear a big enough crack in one of the walls could result in a massive Memory Leak. The riots continue to become more and more violent each and every day as citizens are slaughtered by the Arena Closers in their attempts to blast one of the walls open, which could kill everything as we know it.

Stick around for our next top story or a possible extension on this one!

Smgamermat77 reporting live from Channel 7 News.

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