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Before I begin, I would like you to take the time to read another fine-quality post I made about how to change Spawnrooms and make them much better overall in the game. (There's other things besides Spawnroom changes, but the majority is just about Spawnrooms)

[The post about Spawnrooms can be found here.](

Now, let's begin with the Medic classes, shall we?

      • Turn SOME pre-existing tanks into Medic tanks.***

That's right - take certain level 45 tanks and make Medic versions of them. You don't need to make ALL level 45 tanks have Medic variants, but some would be enough to cover the whole spectrum.

  • These tanks could simply be named "Medic" on the in-game portrait of the tank, since the only way to reach a Medic class is to be that tank on the portrait.*

When you become a level 45 tank that has a Medic variant, you will be immediately prompted to select the Medic variant of that tank.

Here's an example of that: I finally reached level 45 as Overseer, I choose Necromancer from the list of available tanks in the upper-left selection area, I can then immediately choose the Medic variant of the Necromancer in the same upper-left selection area for tanks. However, I can also hit the Ignore button, in which the Medic option goes away **permanently**. The reason that it goes away permanently is to prevent accidentally clicking the Medic option while in a fight.

    • ==QUICK NOTES (Addresses missing tanks/misc. questions some people might have)==**

Not all classes will have Medic variants. This is either due to balancing issues, or the fact that there is another tank that already performs its role better than one of the tanks not in this list.

    • Only level 45 tanks can have Medic variants.**
    • These tanks would only be playable in Team-based gamemodes (obviously).**
    • Some tanks will receive passive bonuses/debuffs for balancing purposes.**
    • Just because you can play a tank as a glass cannon DOES NOT MEAN it translates to a super healing medic with no health. I will not include glass cannons in this list, thereby uniformly balancing the Medic classes.**
    • Some tanks have selective healing. This means they can choose whether to use their abilities for healing or to defend against enemies.**
    • Selective Healing is toggled by pressing E.**
    • Bullets/traps/drones cannot pass through players IF SELECTIVE HEALING IS OFF *(see "Overtrapper" or the "Smasher Tanks" section for more details)*. What I mean by this is that players will absorb the full impact of a shot no matter where it hits them - bullet/traps/drones do not bounce off of them if hit at the sides.**
    • Booster is not in this list** due to having two playstyles that make it hard to balance a single, uniform way (strong bullets or ramming builds). I wanted to include this, but the balancing was too conflicting.
    • Spread Shot, Triplet, Penta Shot, Sprayer, Auto Tanks, and Invisible Tanks (**#invisible_medic_OP_OP**) are not in this list on purpose.**
    • Any tanks not mentioned here and are not included as a Medic tank were left out for simplicity. We can't have 5,000 Medic variants of every tank in the game - we just can't.**
    • The Basic Tank IS in this list.** Since the Basic Tank is capable of being a level 45 tank, as well as additionally serving as a base for balancing other bullet tank. I included it, albeit reluctantly due to its lack of specialization.
    • Auto-Turrets on tanks (like gunner and trapper) will target teammates instead of enemies.** This is self-explanatory.
    • Drones actively target teammates within auto-detection range when idle.** This is self-explanatory.

    • Health Regen:** *UNCHANGED* - Determines how fast Medics regenerate their health
    • Maximum Health:** *UNCHANGED* - Determines how much overall health a Medic can have
    • Body Damage:** Determines how much healing you do to teammates by directly colliding with them - **YOU WILL SACRIFICE SOME OF YOUR OWN HEALTH BY PERFORMING THIS ONLY USABLE FOR "SMASHER TANKS" - THIS STAT IS UNAVAILABLE TO ALL OTHER MEDIC TANKS** *(please see the "Smasher Tanks" section for more info)*
    • Bullet Speed:** *UNCHANGED* - Determines how fast your bullets/traps/drones move
    • Bullet Penetration:** Determines how much damage your bullets/drones/traps can BLOCK from enemy sources
    • Bullet Damage:** Determines how much healing your bullets/traps/drones do to teammates
    • Reload:** *UNCHANGED* - Determines how quickly you can repeatedly fire bullets/traps/drones
    • Movement Speed:** *UNCHANGED* - Determines how fast your tank moves

    • ==ALL MEDIC TANKS==**
  • Pros:* Can heal injured teammates (very rapidly depending on the class), Can block and/or damage enemy bullets/drones/traps, Is a great buddy to have at your side while fighting
  • Cons:* Is a pacifist - Cannot deal any damage/knockback directly to enemy tanks by any means (this includes Body Damage) and therefore becomes a literal punching bag for enemy tanks.

    • ==BULLET TANKS==**
    • Can shoot healing bullets at people. The most basic type of Medic tanks.**
    • Basic Tank:** The basic bullet Medic tank. *(This class will be used as the base for balancing other bullet tanks)*
  • Pros:* Good and constant healing, Fairly accurate
  • Cons:* Can only target one person at a time
    • Octo Tank:** Provides a poor healing rate, but has a very large AOE that can hit basically anyone inside the radius.
  • Pros:* Provides a very large AOE healing ability, Can hit basically anyone inside the radius (about 8+ players if they are spread evenly around the tank)
  • Cons:* Very poor bullet healing rate
    • Hybrid:** Concentrates healing bullets into one giant bullet. This bullet does tons of healing to a single player, but at the cost of a VERY slow reload.
  • Pros:* Has the highest healing rate per-bullet out of any Medic tank, Has 2 Drones that can also heal teammates automatically, Drones are significantly stronger than Overlord Drones
  • Cons:* Has extremely slow reload (for both bullets and Drones), Can only hit a single person at a time with its bullets
    • Auto-Gunner:** Fires a barrage of tiny healing bullets in a fairly accurate line. Contains an Auto-Turret for bonus bullets.
  • Pros:* Slightly better overall healing than the Basic Tank, Constant healing, Fairly accurate, Has the highest reload rate out of any Medic tank, Can target up to two people since it has one Auto-Turret
  • Cons:* Does much less healing per-bullet than the Basic Tank
    • Ranger:** Concentrates healing into a single tracer bullet that can be shot from very far away at Mach-1 speed.
  • Pros:* High healing rate per-bullet, Fastest bullet speed out of any Medic tanks, Highest FOV out of any Medic tanks
  • Cons:* Slow movement speed, Slow reload rate

    • ==DRONE TANKS==**
    • Drone tanks need to directly hit teammates with their Drones in order to heal them. They tend to heal more health per-Drone than bullet tanks do per-bullet.**
    • Overlord:** The basic Medic Drone tank. *(This class will be used as the base for balancing other Drone tanks)*
  • Pros:* Better healing rate than bullet Medic tanks (Drones have more concentrated healing rate)
  • Cons:* Requires directly hitting teammates with Drones to heal them, Can really only hit one teammate at a time due to Drone controls and lack of more Drones
    • Necromancer:** Weaker Drones than Overlord, but has more of them. Has much slower overall reload.
  • Pros:* Regenerates Drones like Overlord (uses Necromancer's side cannons to summon more minions), Bigger AOE when using Drone repel function/can hit more teammates, Has a lot more Drones than Overlord
  • Cons:* Less per-Drone healing rate than Overlord, Regenerates Drones as fast as an Overseer (significantly slower than Overlord), CANNOT OBTAIN DRONES BY DESTROYING SQUARES

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