aka The AA

  • I live in my house
  • My occupation is Schleep
  • I am a cat inside of a taco shell.
  • Tacocat247

    Hey! Get back to work!

    Well, its not my fault you left.

    I didnt fire you! Did you turn those pap-

    Rude! Th-

    I never did that!

    You know I killed that auto trapper and now control it?

    Yah, monster monster, heard it plenty times before.

    Well, your loss. I molded h-

    Stop stating the obvious!

    Oh, your taking her with you? Well, good luck going through that portal.

    • hangs up*
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  • Tacocat247


    September 20, 2017 by Tacocat247

    He came and went, but was enough to kill the cat from the inside temporarily

    She was fueld by the hatred to make her ideas.

    Starting with Blimp and went on her way to vent her anger.

    Crackers, the hatred inside, started to subside after a while.

    The cat hated the hatred, oxymoronically fueling it for a while.

    She learned to take it and went away.

    She didnt come back the same, but she at least is back normally.

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  • Tacocat247

    Sharp nullness

    September 18, 2017 by Tacocat247

    Not going to make this cryptic af like the last 2 times.

    if i become more active, bear with me. my right hand has a 2nd degree burn. Effing painful, but other than that, im good.

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  • Tacocat247

    The Lone Fox

    September 14, 2017 by Tacocat247

    The cat was alone.

    Hens barely passing

    Foxes making fun of the cat

    Bees failing

    Owls not paying attention.

    Then, the fox with the white tail came.

    She found out what she did.

    She left them.

    The ultimate betrayal, but for the better.

    The cat was no longer alone

    She protected the cat from the other foxes

    Cat protected

    Foxes going away

    Hens glancing

    Bees and Owls not paying attention.

    The cat is happy.

    The lone fox has a clear conscience.

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  • Tacocat247


    September 7, 2017 by Tacocat247

    The universe was here long before I

    Running through the streams of time

    It will go on long after us

    So, do something you love

    Do something worthy of remembrance

    Because the universe will long to dance

    A long way gone from our lives

    Stands and Strands of passing lines

    Seeing how short it is makes me sad

    But sometimes i wonder: "Is it really that bad?"

    Seeing others opressed

    Should i be depressed?

    Does the future not exist?

    Is no one a pacifist?

    No. That is not true.

    Do not get lured

    do not get sidelined

    As i am here by your side

    ~ Tacocat247
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