Not to be confused with Triplet due to similar design.

The Shootist is one of the four current final upgrade options from Gunner and is available at Level 45. Shootist is not able to upgrade any further, as it is at the end of its upgrade line. Just as a note, the Shootist is a Fan-Made conception. It is not in the game, unless something similar is added.


The Shootist features a circular tank body with 4 Gunner Cannons at the front, and a regular sized Cannon at the front.


Upon Upgrading:

  • Reload is slightly decreased
  • Bullet Damage is slightly increased
  • Adds a normal sized Cannon. Other Cannons are spread out.

Being an upgrade from Gunner would mean that it is similar to it. It has the same firing pattern, but the gun added to the front has the same reload as the Basic Tank. As described above however, the Shootist has decreased Reload, and increased Bullet Damage.

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