Note: BeniTehCobCannon was the original creator

Everyone wondered... if only we had a way to stop the overpowered tanks, including the GOAT and Hilary...

It is not known who birthed this tank.

There are no writings about who had created it. Would we ever find out? maybe not.

there are rumors that the tank even created itself.

If someone evil had possession...

they could corrupt entire maps.

destroy the sancturaries.

even do some of the unthinkable.

but whatever's under that Scrimitite-laden body...

we should leave it be.

The Diamond is a boss tank proving to be one of the strongest tanks of all. It rejects all negative effects, and when hit by a bullet, this heals the tank and makes its own bullets stronger.

Take note that the drone seen in the picture is a normal overseer drone.

The tank uses its normal cannons including (hidden) Drone Spawners, Trap layers, Destroyer cannons and (shown) Auto-Turrets, Guns and 2 large cannons.

Special Attacks

Chaos Saber

When this is used the tank will flash red, all bullets will result in a 1-hit KO (no matter the circumstance) and if a tank hits the barrels (body) they will instantly die.

Corrupting Light

This will implode the tank, creating a white flash and corrupting all polygons on the server. The tank will be destroyed after this.


-This was created by BeniTehCobCannon