• The Trap-Seeker
  • Has a launcher at the front, and 2 barrels at the sides
  • has a barrel on the sides
  • The Hammerer
  • is basically a booster with a spike body
  • The Janitor
  • A tank with a smasher body, a lance at the front, an auto lance at the back, and an auto quad barrel.
  • The Scrapper
  • A tank with a 14 barreled vulcan gun at the front, and 3 battleship spawners at the back
  • The Speedster
  • A tank with 8 machine gun barrels at the back, arranged in a booster pattern, and a barrel at the front
  • The Replicator
  • A Steamroller gun at the front with an auto vulcan gun.
  • THe Shield
  • Has a Protector shield at the front, and 5 auto guns at the back. The shield has 2 auto guns on it
  • The Firearm
  • A Launcher lance at the front, with 4 more guns arranged like Vantalancer. At the back are 2 drone spawners.
  • The True Serrator
  • A Marksman gun at the front, and a Serrator lance on each side.
  • The Overmaster
  • A tank with 6 spawners equally spaced apart, and 6 auto guns on top of the tank
  • The Hazard
  • a tank with a Bomber gun at the front, along with a fan (ill show you image) also at the front. At the back are 2 drone spawners


  • The True Bomber
  • A tank with a Bomber (Diepmon) gun at the front, and 2 deployers next to it. At the back is a machine gun barrel
  • The Gatling V2
  •  A tank with 3 guns mounted on a trapezium, with 2 behind it. There is also an auto gun at the top.
  • The Spire V2
  • A tank with 6 drone spawners, 3 on the left and right sides. At the front and back are 2 Decoy spawners.
  • The Chainspike V2
  • Look at Lurker. The only difference is that there are 3 at the front, and each one splits into 3.
  • The Seeker V2
  • Same as the Seeker on the War Machine, but there are 11 of them positioned into a Spreadshot pattern.
  • They Slayer V2
  • Has 3 of the weapons that the original Slayer had. The middle one has 8 guns instead of 4. At the back are the orbs that the Mage Branch has.

(this is going into EToD, and Diepmon might change some of these.)

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