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  • I live in Venus
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Smashing triple paned gorilla glass with my head.
  • I am Unicorn
  • TanksForNothing

    This has been one of my favorite builds of all time. 3,4,0,2,7,7,7,3. The high reload and penetration boosts you, as well as creating a formidable bullet shield. You can outmaneuver overlords as well as destroy octotanks. As an added bonus, you can dodge dominator bullets while shooting them with your sideguns.

    If you want extra speed, go for the booster. It helps when killing drone based tanks. Read more >
  • TanksForNothing

    Since Team DM was introduced, I have always wondered about the enemy bases. Why did they not put them right against the corner of the map? Can you go around them? Well, a few weeks ago, I tried to go all the way around the base using the grey border without dying from the guardians, using the destroyer, right? The fastest tank in the game, at the time. I used this build: 5, 7, 7, 0, 0, 0, 7, 7. I got to about the corner behind the enemy base when the Guardians pushed me against the wall and vaporized me. 

    I tried this experiment using the booster yesterday, it being much, much faster than the destroyer. I made it all the way around the enemy base and was escaping with about 1/10 of my life... when one guardian came back from messing up my o…

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  • TanksForNothing

    The hybrid is my favorite tank. 2,2,1,7,7,7,7,0 is my favorite build for it. You can rip through any bulletspammer's barrage. You can destroy an alpha Pentagon in 8 shots. Heck, you can stand in the middle of the pentagon nest and work on just defending while your overseer Doritos destroy the Pentagons for you. Just don't be too successful, or the game admin head honchos will nerf it. : ) I'm new to this wiki but I've been with for a long time.

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