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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    A New Age Has Begun

    December 12, 2017 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    Hey lads, the past week has seen the biggest change to the wiki since was created. is out and it has a world of implications. On the practical side, it means that we have a ton of work to do: pages, templates, images, categories, and so much more!

    But it means a lot more than that. It means that we have a purpose. It means that a new era has begun. Where will it take us? Only time will tell, but I'm sure that it will lead this wiki to even great heights.

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1


    November 18, 2017 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    Welcome to the second installment of the blog series, detailing how to be an ideal member of the Staff. This post is about s, the active guardians of the wiki, equipped with tools to move poor quality conceptions, moderate , vandals, and quickly undo vandalism.

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    New theme, new template, new WikiFeatures, new blogs, new EotM... new everything!

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Want to know more about bots, how to create one, and how to operate it? Hopefully, this will answer your questions.

    A bot, in its most basic form if possible, Admin rights increase a bot’s functionality, allowing it to use some of the restricted scripts I list below.

    So now you’ve got a bot. But what can you do with it?

    1. Log into your bot’s account.
    2. Look at the bottom of your screen. You should see a menu across the bottom.
    3. Click either on My Tools, MassEdit, or MassCreate. If you click on My Tools, then click on the application you wish to use.
    4. Use your application and enjoy!

    The applications are listed below with a brief description.

    • post a list of pages you want to delete and watch as they are quickly dispatched.
      append or prepend content to a l…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    News Galore

    October 17, 2017 by TheGoldenPatrik1

    Hey lads,

    There's tons of news this week! From further category cleanup, to a Fanon Megabox, to a bold new Halloween theme, to images enabled on , there's lots to read about!

    Also, welcome to the News Team group of people who write news. ;)

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