Hello people i'm here to introduce myself. Also if you do not care about this please don't hate on me. My name is James/Jamie it you people would of seen me around a lot. Because this community is one that I fit into i'm not huge or famous okay. Just an gamer also i'm not here to spam or hurt people or cause problems. But I bet on the side of your head you are pissed because of my actions previously but. I'm going to apologize for my mistakes also you must be thinking oh but James/Jamie this is a wiki not an life story website. Well good for you I say but I know not many people are toxic on this just peaceful nice wonderful people. Anyway back to me #OFFTOPIC and I know some of you guys see my past post on. Sandbox Improvements it wasn't the best idea knowing now that this is an fan wiki. Dumb right but I love everyone here no homo but thanks for putting up with me you people are the greatest

Info about me (Deep)


Country:New Zealand


Weakness:Pressure,Sickness,Peer Pressure

Srength:Great Enviroment,Peaceful,Happyness Also

Most Enjoyed Experince:Right Here

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