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The Inferno is one of the many Extended Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss variant of the Napalm. He has 20000 health. Created by The Tidal Wave.


The Inferno is a fiery orange tank with 3 Napalm turrets on top of it, positioned like a triangle. It also has 2 Battleship Spawners positioned like the back barrels of a Tri-Angle. On each side of the tank is an Napalm Auto Turret. These do not function like normal Napalms however. These turrets directly launch the fire that is made by Napalm bullets, but in a straight line. At the front is a Lance.


Note: Since this is the boss variant of a Mortar branch tank, his Naplam turrets can shoot over Fortress walls if he has to.

Hell Fire: Fires his Napalm turrets like a normal Napalm would. Also, spawns Battleship drones for recoil in order to ram tanks with his Lance. Battleship Drones inflict Burning for 3 seconds. Also shoots fire at tanks with his side turrets.

Dark Fire: Shoots 2 long columns of black flame that reach the Fortress walls from his side turrets and they will inflict a random debuff for 5 seconds.

It's Your turn: Chooses a random tank in the fortress, then directly gives it Burning for 10 seconds.

Choose Me Or Your Pyre: His Napalm turrets and side turrets will fire non-stop, lighting nearly the whole Fortress on fire. then his Battleship spawners will fire non-stop to provide immense recoil. The Inferno will try to ram tanks with his Lance, thus literally making the tanks choose death by him or the fire. Lasts for about a minute; then all the fire disappears.

Be Mine Or You Will BURN: The Inferno generates a gravitational field and starts sucking tanks in. When they get close enough, the Inferno will attempt to slice them with his Lance. Tanks that resist the gravitational pull for a continuous 3 seconds will be shot at and burned.

God Have Mercy On Me: When he reaches 0% health, there is a 20% chance that the fire will pool together and form the Inferno again, with 30% his full health. If this occurs, it is after the death animation.

Death Animation

The Inferno will tremble as cracks start forming on his body. His side Turrets will catch fire, followed by his Napalm turrets. He will spin wildly, out of control. Finally, he will explode in a white flash, leaving fire everywhere and the Inferno's cracked Lance, covered in fine orange powder.


  • Last attack stolen from Ghost of the Veil.
  • Every attack name, yes, EVERY one is a reference to a song. The first one to guess it correctly gets a special reference to whatever thing they want on my next boss. Please, be appropriate.
    • This was settled in Chat. Someone got it.

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