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    Hello there and welcome back to... no wait this is the news, not Episode 124 of PewDiePie. There's quite a lot to cover on the technical side of things this week, with the glorious god Panzer theme getting a big redesign, some art remasters, and the Third Conception Tournament finally getting to its end. Other things have happened too, and I'm doing this on a potato, so I need to publish this now if I want to spare it the ultimate fate of the Third Conception Tournament...

    There's my intro humor fail out of the way, here's the news for you.

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    Since made one, I just couldn't resist making one on my favourite tank :3

    Same format, different tank, different advice, more scientific names.

    "A master annoyer, it'll track you and annoy you with tiny bullets, then dump a whole load in your face, and before you know it, you're gone! Simple and effective."

    The Auto-Gunner is quite an innovative tank. The first of the Automaticus sub-species of tanks, it inspired an entire new generation. Many see this tank as the Triplus Barrelus (or the Triplet)'s rival, and they're quite right. The Auto-Gunner is an annoying bullet spammer. It's also one that you'll rarely see being used, because so many prefer the Triplet. Expect the Triplet and the Auto-Gunner to both have their devoted users who never …

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    Account Loss

    July 1, 2017 by Type: Sparky

    As some of you may be aware, I lost my avatar a week ago.

    The truth is, FANDOM found a bug with account names with colons and such in them. So they tried to fix it.

    This fix was not meant to affect already-existing accounts, but it affected mine. But, FANDOM has managed to fix mine, so thank you to all you guys and girls over there. I was away for a week. I'm back.

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    It’s been a while since the last Update came out, and there’s plenty to mention, so without further ado, here it is!

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    April 12, 2017 by Type: Sparky


    32*circle*#00b2e1[{"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":-18,"width":30,"baselength":60,"length":60,"basereload":42,"reload":0,"basedelay":21,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0.5,"disabled":true,"spread":25,"b":[15,6,360],"damage":80,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":18,"width":30,"baselength":60,"length":60,"basereload":42,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0.5,"disabled":true,"spread":25,"b":[15,6,360],"damage":80,"comment":""}, {"angle":180,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":50,"baselength":55,"length":55,"basereload":15,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":2,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spre… Read more >