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  • I live in Ragton
  • My occupation is Student and Roleplayer
  • I am Ragdoll
  • UltraReconKing is dying.

    September 6, 2017 by UltraReconKing is dying.

    What will this wikia do when the inevitable happens? Without any new content rolling in, our users will soon grow bored of making conceptions and new ideas that would probably never get added to Zeach is dead, and without him, will die with him.

    I'm not sure what to do. Will we let our community die? Maybe it is the right thing to do after everything ends, but we have to do something. is dying. Sure, it had its time, but letting it die just doesn't feel right.

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  • UltraReconKing

    Hi all, Ultra here.

    Mothership isn't fun anymore.

    The mothership players keep on colliding together, despite their low health or not even having players defend them at all. It ends the game too quickly, and it doesn't even give anyone a chance to try and defend their motherships.

    God, I experienced this SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW TODAY. It was so repetitive. The lower health Mothership didn't care about his health and just decided to collide instead of giving any idea of escaping.

    I tried using the Battleship in the Mothership gamemode, and I was barely able to notice any battle chance in gameplay, BECAUSE THE MOTHERSHIPS KEEP COLLIDING. God, it's so annoying.

    I'm done here.

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