This blog post serves as a guide for specific tanks in the game, as well as some strategies for all gamemodes except sandbox.

Tank Strategies:


The Triplet has its barrels aligned in a streamlined position, giving it the advantage of having focused fire. Your focused fire is a vital component of both your defense and your offense; You can either use it as a shield/wall (given that your bullet speed is at minimum) to stop and protect you from stray bullets and drones, or you can max out bullet speed to quickly damage enemy tanks and farm polygons.

Killing enemy tanks using the triplet requires skill, since your high reload rate will also give you recoil, which will give you a hard time to continously battle an enemy. It is recommended to fire at the enemy, use your recoil to catch up (if they try to escape) and fire at them again. Repeat this process until the enemy dies. However, this strategy is dangerous to use, since if the tank you are fighting is trying to escape, chances are they will use their recoil to get away and will probably aim their barrel and shoot at you, slowing you down and forcing you to stop chasing.

The triplet is an effective polygon farmer, since its high bullet stats and reload can easily wipe out polygons, and if all bullet stats are maxed out, can also destroy alpha pentagons with ease.

Triplet Tips:

  • Use your recoil to quickly move around the map and escape
  • As much as possible, always try to aim at the enemy while dodging their bullets.
  • Target tanks with spreading fire, such as the penta shot
  • Always watch your back, since the triplet has no back defense.
  • Avoid crowded areas since the triplet can only block one or two bullet streams at a time.


The Overlord is basically an overseer with twice the reload speed. Because of the increased reload rate, Overlord users can easily fight other tanks since they can easily recover their lost drones.

Overlords are great polygon farmers if drone stats are maxed out. Players can also spread their drones to farm polygons that are scattered in the map, as well as activate auto-fire to make the drones follow your mouse pointer.

The Overlord is an excellent tank in 1v1s, the drones can be used as as a shield, it can be used to flank enemy tanks, and can be used to shield teammates. If an Overlord is to encounter a a lone player, the best thing to do is maneuver your drones at the back of the tanks, since this area is the most prone to damage. Fighting against high RoF tanks is not a  good choice unless you are skilled enough, since their bullets will easily wipe out your drones. If a high RoF tank has focused fire (Triplet, for example) then, as stated above, manuever your drones at the back for maximum damage. If they have spread fire (Penta shot, for example) then the best thing to do is to find a way past the bullet stream until your drones can damage the tank.

Your drones can also be used as a defensive shield, you can hover your drones behind or in front of you to block incoming projectiles.

Overlord Tips:

  • Always keep your drones close to you.
  • Try to hit enemis from behind.
  • Use your drones as a shield while roaming.
  • Use auto-fire while fighting, deactivate while farming.
  • Upgrade drone speed to easily chase enemies.


The Necromancer, if used correctly, can change the entire outcome of a game. It is a very powerful tank, having the power to kill even the smasher branch tanks.

The Necro has an ability unique to itself: 'Converting' squares. Unlike most overseer branch tanks, the necromancer does not produce drones, instead, it gains its drones by touching a square; when the square turns into a necromancer drone, you will have full control of it. The player can convert as much drones as the max number.

Though the necromancer drone count is the highest in the game, it is best to always stay in an area with lots of squares so you will be able to quickly replenish your drones if you lose some. If you are fighting someone, always take caution, since if your opponent successfully eliminates your drones, you will be completely defenseless until you get your drones back.

Upgrading drone stats is neccessary for you to survive; Drone speed enables you to quickly chase down tanks, Drone penetration/health increases the amount of damage your drones can withstand, Drone damage increases the damage inflicted by your drones, and reload increases the drone count limit.

The player can, like all overseer branch tanks, can use their drones as a defensive shield. It  is recommended to always keep your drones close and in front of you to shield yourself from harm.

Necromancer Tips:

  • Always stay in areas full of squares.
  • If you lose your drones in a fight, retreat immediately
  • Always keep  your drones close to you.
  • Make sure to upgrade drone stats.
  • While roaming, use your drones as a shield.


The ranger is the tier 4 tank with the highest FOV, and this FOV increase is the ranger's best weapon.

As said above, Rangers have the highest FOV, which means you can see players before they see you. This is an effective asset in both offense and defense.

If the player is going offensive, then use your FOV to find enemies and try to watch and predict their movements. Make sure you are out of the enemy's range, and when they stop or slow down, shoot twice at them: The first shot must be aimed at the tank itself, and the second shot should be aimed at the predicted area the tank will be in. If you have enough penetration, speed and damage, then the enemy will either be heavily damaged or dead. Precision when shooting is necessary, since if you miss, your location will be revealed and your target will most probably escape.

If the player is going defensive, then he/she must use the large FOV to find enemies, predict their movements and avoid them. One of the best defensive strategies is to locate enemies and watch their movements. If you think you are safe or if you have watched their movement enough for you to predict it, then move quickly to your destination. If avoiding enemies cannot be done, then watch their movements as well -- But be extra careful and be ready to make sharp turns and sudden movements. If your FOVis utilized correctly, then you can survive until the arena closes.

The FOV is not the only weapon this tank has. Its high bullet speed, damage and penetration can also heavily damage enemies; because of the high bullet stats this tank has, upgrading bullet stats to the max is not recommended-- 4-5 stat points for bullet stats is recommended since the player will have bullet stat upgrades once they upgrade to Ranger. Upgrading movement speed and regen is also necessary for easy escaping and survival.

Ranger Tips:

  • Predict your enemies' movements.
  • Use your FOV to stay out of danger.
  • Upgrade movement speed to help you escape.
  • Be patient-- wait for your target to slow down or stop.
  • Use your high bullet stats to heavily damage your targets.


The Tri-trapper is a tank that focuses on defense; they are not ideal to use in FFA or Maze.

As stated above, this tank does not perform well in FFA/Maze. Because of this, one should only use this tank in team gamemodes and domination, since this tank's defensive capabilities can greatly help your teammates. 

For example, you can activate auto-fire and auto-spin to create a defensive "shield" made out of traps. This shield can and will help your team, since your teammates can enter the shield, regenerate and shoot enemies while in the safety of the shield. It is also an ideal tank for farming/camping at the pentagon nest, since your trap shield can block the crashers; and you have teammates shooting out enemy tanks.

This tank is also a great help at defending dominators, since you can create a shield where your teammates can go into;and your shield blocks some of the projectiles coming to the dominator.

The Tr-Trapper's defensive capabilities can also be used for personal gain; one can create a shield to safely regenerate health, you can use your traps as a shield while escaping and you can just turn on auto-spin and auto-fire if you are going AFK.

Tri-Trapper tips

  • Don't use this tank in FFA/Maze
  • Always stick by your teammates.
  • Use your traps to create a defensive shield for your team.
  • Use this tank to defent dominators.


The Booster is one of the hardest to kill, judging by its movement speed and maneuverability.

Movement speed is one of the Booster's most important weapons. It is recommended to upgrade movement speed; since it will aid in both offensive and defensive purposes:

It can help you attack, since high speed tanks are hard to hit and can easily surprise enemies, and enemies caught unaware are likely to die.

In defensive, it can easily escape from enemy fire, it can help in retreating (Unless you're in Maze/FFA/Survival). Due to your speed helping you to dodge projectiles, Boosters can also be used to distract enemies.

The Booster's main playstyle is to dive,deal damage and escape; this is best to do against solo tanks, since multiple tanks can create numerous projectiles that will damage the booster. Once the enemy is damaged, retreat and return to your target but from another direction, you can either ram the enemy again or shoot it with a bullet; keep attacking, retreating and resetting the regeneration timer. A single shot from the Booster can reset the regen timer, which makes it difficult for enemies to survive. Always remember to reset the enemies' regen timer.

Booster Tips:

  • Use movement speed to your advantage.
  • Only attack solo tanks.
  • Attack enemies by surprise.
  • Keep dealing damage to your target, even if the damage you deal is low.
  • Always reset your target's regen timer.
  • Be quick.
  • Know when to retreat.

Gamemode Strategies:


This gamemode is arguably the hardest in the game, given that everyone is your enemy and you cannot respawn once you are killed.

As the name implies,the main goal in this mode is to survive as long as possible. One of the best ways to stay alive is to stay away from everyone and farm  until you reach level 30. Upgrading health stats and movement speed is necessary to survive for a long time.

Although killing players in this mode doesn't grant you any EXP, killing others will make your chances of survival higher, since the less players, the less threats in your area.  If you suddenly run low on health while fighting, then immediately retreat until you are far away from the threat. Caution is required in this gamemode. Never approach an area with multiple tanks in it, since the amount of stray bullets can kill you.

Fast moving tanks such as the booster are recommended in this mode, since the high speed can be used to escape almost any tank. Additionally, high FOV tanks can be used to check the surroundings for enemies. The Overlord and high RoF tanks are effective in this mode as well.

Survival Tips:

  • Stay away from anyone unless they are at a lower level.
  • Upgrade health stats to increase the chances of survival.
  • Never enter a crowded area.
  • Always retreat from a fight when low on health.